Harbor Freight Dust Collection

If anyone is interested in getting a dust collection system from Harbor Freight now is the time to do it. They have their 70 gallon system on sale fro $169.99 and through the 13th they have a 25% off a single item offer. This brings the price down to $127.49.

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Its funny you mention that I was planning on getting one today I was wondering if the 25% works with it being on sale

Hey thanks for the heads up on this. I’ll be getting one today!

I tried it online and it accepted the coupon.

aw man… bought their smaller one over black Friday sale. Hindsight. oh well.

So I jumped and bought the big Harbor Freight dust collector. I have been stalking it for a while, and this is the best price I have seen for it yet. So I am putting mine together tonight and found that I got shorted some hardware. :weary: C’est la vie

Picked one up too, Been watching it for a few days then on Sunday it was discounted to $170 from $209 and the 25% tops it off. Picked up the 2 year replacement plan just incase. Watched the guy bring it around on a forklift and stop suddenly causing them all to go crashing to the ground. Didn’t have time to open it yet, but hopefully its packed well.

@NickHomrich I hear thats a problem reading the reviews on their site.

I tried but they were out of stock said more on the way

You may not be missing any hardware, I thought I was missing a pile of bolts until I realized the instructions were totaly wrong. They had me using the wrong size bolts in the first step and I did not figure it out till I much later when I figured out I needed those bolts somewhere else.

I’ve been reading the reviews and knew that the bolts sizing and names in the instruction were messed up. So knowing that I sorted and laid out my hardware, then counted the number of bolts in the instructions to find out where they go. Looks like I am missing the nuts that attach the motor to the base. I am not too disappointed, just gives me the excuse to go to the hardware store. The missing hardware should only cost a few buck anyhow. I might take it all apart in the future anyway, to add a cyclone seperator.

My base has tapped holes no nuts were needed.

Yup my base is tapped too, noticed that right away. The riser that the motor attaches to is where I am missing the nuts. That riser is not tapped, that’s where I need the nuts.

Went by this morning. They raised the price to $219… Guess they can’t give away all their tools

I saw that this morning on their website. I notice a lot of there big stuff went up since yesterday. I guess to many people were using the 25% off coupon.

I set mine up a few weeks ago and it has been great for all applications so far. Here are a few pics…

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my store got 2 in i was able to go get it today it did ring up 220 but i got it for price yesterday with 25% off i assembled but haven’t connected it yet seams like it should work great

I’ve had mine since the spring- probably the best $150 I’ve spent for my shop. I gather from from reading in the different forums that the less precise you need a tool to be, the more likely you’ll be happy with that tool coming from HF. If you want to supe up your HF dust collector further, poke around the forums for info on swapping out the dust collector micron bag with a pleated filter. Wynn environmental sells the upgrade. If I recall the pleated canister filter costs about the same as the HF dust collector did. Happy sawdust making!

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Got mine put together yesterday, lucked out and no missing bolts. I did have to lay out all the parts where I thought they might go before I started as the instructions are a bit lacking. Now just waiting for my 1micron filter to show up from Amazon.

Thing sure draws a bit of power, my only garage outlet is a 15A breaker (Shared with everything outside and some) and it tripped that. Plugged it into the 7500W generator and that could not handle the startup current either. Added a 20A breaker to the new sub panel for the 220V spindle in the garage and that finally got it to start up. Surprised it didn’t come with a 20A plug if it needed that much power.

Interesting tho, noticed in the pictures above the unit is gray with silver motor, mine was gray with a black motor.

Let me know how the 1 Micron filter bag works, I have been looking at it, but was afraid it would severely reduce the airflow.

I was looking at a Wynn Enviromental air filter, but I’ll end up spending more on the filter than the dust collector itself.