Harry Potter Coasters

I made these for my wife

I messed up and forgot to re zero when i did a tool change thats why there looks to be a hole in one.will have to just re make that one enjoy


what did you use to inlay the black with? is it just spray paint or an epoxy?

i air brush them by hand

As a thought, you might want to use some grain filler and a sanding sealer between finishing your machining and painting, it will greatly reduce the amount of paint that ends up stuck in the grain. Although for the subject matter, that almost looks cooler.

Ya I thought about that I like the way it looks though

omg i love it (HP fan over here o/ )

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Ya my wife is a big fan to

I HATE oak for painting or color fill. The grain is so wide and fibrous that no matter how smooth you sand it, no matter how much shellac or clearcoat you put on first, it always wicks into the grain where you don’t want it. I think I might try torching it next and then sanding the burnt top face off leaving the darker relief.

These look neat, but I can see where you’re having a similar thing happen with your paint. I’ve all but given up on oak for painted applications.


I guess it depends on the oak, I have used white oak with a shellac coat before painting in the engraving then sanding the surface afterwards with good results.

Red oak tends to be more porous and thus you may have the issues you experienced.

A grain filler followed by a sealer should minimize the problem.


I think with oak, the grain filler is the real key beyond whatever sealer you use. No matter how good your sealer is, if the area that gets filled with paint is below the surface (in a recessed grain pocket) your sanding isn’t going to get it out, even if it’s not soaked into the wood. I’m not a tremendous fan of oak either, largely for the same reason (well, that and the splintering) but I’ve done it before with success. Just takes more fidgeting.

I used oak on the signs I just did for a customer, at his request. I will avoid it going forward, and do my damnedest to steer customers away from it. It was tough to carve cleanly, and you’re absolutely right about the paint sucking into the grain. Although as @JkWestphal mentioned, I did use red oak. Haven’t tried white.

Yeah I use red oak as opposed to white because it’s readily available at Lowe’s in sizes I don’t have to resaw. I wish I could get my hands on some white oak or ash for this sort of thing.

Nice box do u have the work files for it

Sorry , but the toolbox itself is my own design totally independent of the xcarve and the engraving is from files provided by the recipient of the toolbox.

Any chance of posting the SVG’s for these?

@TroyLandry, If you are asking for files for the toolbox, There are none. as previously stated, the box is my own design using traditional woodworking power tools and the plans are somewhere up in my noggin.

As for the engravings they came from images on a website and were traced with vcarve pro, used once then deleted. I cannot in good conscience, and probably legally, redistribute them.

After looking back in this thread, I realize that I may not be the one you are addressing regarding SVG’s if so , please accept my apologies.

I’ll see if i can produce that. Images came from Google. Traced with aspire 8.0 use UGS

JkWestphal - I was referring to the coasters but thanks for.the response.

MichaelZawiki after I saw what you did I also pulled down the images from Google but I’m afraid there’s too much detail and I don’t have a small enough bit. I’m trying to clean them up a little in Autocad but will take time.

The direct image travel in easel did well but again. Too detailed.the smallest bit I have is 1/8 and 2 vbits. I’ve cut some detailed things before with that 45° vbit but it won’t do these. Guess I gotta fine tune it more.

Thanks for the response guys.

I’ve thought about putting some blue painters tape over the wood before carving so the wood will be masked once the cuts are done. I suspect grain filler would be good before that as the coverage won’t be perfect.

Apparently there’s a lot of this going around. I got a new laser recently and this is one of the first things I did - laser engraved into slate coasters: (girlfriend is a Harry Potter fanatic)