Having a hard time with the jtech 3.8 and piclaser/sender

A little help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve updated all my GRBL settings to the Jtech 0.9g, as well as set all my settings on PicLaser, and my etches still aren’t working out. Any suggestions? I’ve scoured the forum for any and all solutions, but nothing seems to be working out for me. Thanks in advance.

I am by no means the guru with this but I do know that not all pictures make good laser subject. I have a picture of an old wagon that I have tried probably a dozen times to engrave with my emblaser, however i could never get a good completed job. I have however had some nice results with a pic of a friends baby. Trial and error are a large part. I would try a different picture. I can see you are close. I know that the piclaser people will chime in.

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It looks like you don’t have your focal point as small as it could be. I recommend you switch to Larry’s MultiMode grbl 1.0c too. It can be downloaded from here.


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Here are some instructions for focusing your J-Tech laser.


I fought with this same issue for months. It ended up being a focusing issue. I never could get the j tech lens to focus correctly however, with help and a link from Jeff, I purchased a new lens and it works like a dream. The rectangle beam just didn’t cut it for me.


Thanks. Glad I’m not the only one having this problem. I’ve got it running a little bit better, but feel like it could still be tweaked some. Which lens did you end up going with?

Thank you, I’ll give it a try.

It’s this 3 element glass AR coated lens. I recommend ordering a spare.

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