HDU sign foam?

I’m looking to give some high density urethane foam a try carving a 3dimensional sign. I only found 2 suppliers in the US that seem to make this. Any advice on best (and cheapest) source to find this stuff in the southeast? I cant use the home depot pink stuff. Need the professional 15 lb. foam.

Renshape maybe?

Don’t know about distributors in your area but the two I see talked about the most are Precision Board (Link), and Corafoam (Link). I also have some links for Sign Foam (Link), and Design Board (Link).

Hope that at least helps some.

John Torrez
Think & Tinker / PreciseBits

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How thick do you need it? I think PVC lumber could be a nice, readily-available option.

The problem I found with the precision board and other HDU foams is that they only sell them in 4x8 sheets. And a full sheet is really crazy expensive.

Most of the HDU companies will send you a big set of sample boards in various sizes and densities.

The guys at Sign foam were super helpful and got me out a sample pack today.

Two insulation foam questions I’m curious about:

Anyone here try using the Owens Corning 1" pink foam at Home Depot? Does it hold a decent carve quality?

Is it possible to glue say 5 sheets of pink foam and maybe compress them down to half the height (like 5" down to 2.5"). Will you then get a higher density foam or will you destroy the foam’s internal structure?

Anyone try this?

The pink foam does not compress, it will just crush. But it does carve surprisingly well.

I have never tried to glue sheets together, but my guess is that it would not be satisfactory if glued.

I’m fortunate to have one local for pick up. Grimco/Alumapanel

I bought a 4x8 sheet of 1.5" 15# Precision Board from these guys: http://montroy.com/. They delivered locally. It wasn’t cheap, but it cuts and sands really nicely (almost too easily… you have to really be careful you don’t take off too much). Made some signs for our local Dog Park with them:


I just bough some hdu board in small sizes from interstatehdu.com they shipped it out fast.

That is a great option to know about! Thanks for posting, I had never heard of anyone selling cut HDU before. The prices for HDU very reasonable. but the shipping cost are really high

This is the shipping cost options for a single 1x12x12 board. (for 12 of the same board the UPS Ground only went up about $5) So maybe if ordering in large qty the shipping costs make more sense.

HI what speed and feed rates do you use for HDU ?

I use about the same settings as I use for MDF.

I use the pink foam for making Halloween props and temporary signs, using latex paint.