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HELP! Need programming assist

I just did a test carve last night before bed, alls well, then this morning I went to do the carve and the bit bore deep into the wood and dug a ditch all the way across my project. This happened once before and inventables helped but it took them 2 days to get back to me, aint got that time. Something in the settings, i should have writtin it down, I think it was at the $100 and $101 or 110 & 111, right now the setting is 40 on both but I think its supposed to be something else. This project is supposed to be ready tonight. Anyone got an idea what its supposed to be? thank you The power went off last night which may have been a contributer.

Instead of re writing this all over, I’ll just link to my answer in another thread in how to change the settings.

Here is a thread on the default settings of a 500 mm x carve

Thank you. What had happened, when the power went out then came back on of course the computer shut off and when I log back on it said I needed to reset my machine and I did, what I messed up on was accidentally clicked on the wrong controller I got the threaded rod instead of the Acme, my bad.

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