Help with gcode please

I’m getting this error

I’m saved it from vcarve pro post processor xcarve(inch)

The turtle that’s in this picture saved just fine and already carved just can’t seem to figure out what this error is or how to fix it

I don’t use Easel but I remember people taking about the fact that arcs ( G2 and G3) can be a problem and that converting to straight line segments is the way to go. I know in CamBam there is a setting to do that.
Again, I’m not sure about Easel at all.

Arcs in Easel?

I don’t understand programming. Doesn’t support arc? Have no idea what that is… but with that being said is there a work around to send this to the machine without using easel?

Well you can download the universal gcode sender and use that. I use the classic stable version on a laptop.

See how your software is set up compared to this:,-key%20combination%20Ctrl%20%2B%20F%20.