HMI Mounting Options/Ideas

I’m looking to streamline the setup and curious to see what others have done to mount or store the HMI in your setup.

I’m planning something out that also includes holders/mounts for the clip and probe, should be cool. Yet before I break wood, I’m looking to the community.

I just made a mount on the corner of my table.

If you run the USB cable directly from the computer to the controller then you dont need to plug the computer into the HMI… One less cable to get knocked around…

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Ahh, nice, that seems like all it needs, it stays put?

I tried connecting directly on my MacBook, but it didn’t recognize it. Unplugged and plugged right back into the HMI, right back where it should be.

The HMI stays put because I machined the plate for the feet.

The USB-C on the HMI is literally just 2 jacks with a wire between. There isn’t even a connection to a circuit board. It’s just a pass through. But that’s an interesting thing on your machine. I have a double USB-C cord from my laptop to my controller… works like a dream.

Check this post for an inside look at the HMI
Inside the XCP HMI

Awesome machining.

My controller has a USB A plug, and the cable is A-C. I just tried again and no matter in which order or port, my MacBook does not see the controller on its own.

While powered on, I hooked it up through the HMI and it came online as usual without issue.

Any other mounting inspirations out there?

I am sorry. I said my controller has usb-c but I stand corrected. I just checked and I used a combination cable usb-a to usb-c… my laptop didn’t have a usb-c so I bought a adapter that was male usb-c to usb-a.

There might be some magic happening inside the tiny dongle adapter I use. :slight_smile:

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