Just finished cutting a Hogwarts Crest. 1/2" MDF.

Rifle for scale.


Nice! What size bit did you use?

I used a .25 endmill for the roughing and then a 60 degree 1/2 inch v-bit for the detail.

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i just showed this to my wife (huge harry potter buff) looks like i have an idea for a gift for her. awesome job though

Valentines day is right around the corner :slight_smile:

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i am at week 7 waiting for the machine got at least another week probaly wont make that lol​:cry::cry:

That is really a nice job on the carving. Nice crisp clean cuts. Well done.


A gun?? I thought they used ‘wands’ in that story. :wink:

yeah… a wand… that’s what it is… boomicus maximus~~


Dude, that’s a sweet carve! @PhilJohnson’s gonna drool over the rifle…:sunglasses:

I love all my firearms :slight_smile: This is a gunsite scout. Great little bolt action rifle with a nice punch.

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Awesome Hogwarts design! My husband would demand a full set of every house’s crest if he knew I could carve these…

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Is this sharable in Easel?

Great job.
I knew people were going to comment on the rifle.
You can just say your hunting witches and wizards…

Unfortunately this was done in Aspire. Let me see what formats I can export it to.

Attached is the svg… It could still use some cleanup, but it still looks really good.

HogwartsCrest.zip (120.8 KB)


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I figured out who Zach was so I modified my post. No need to sling something without knowing the facts :slight_smile:

Thank you @Zach_Kaplan!