Home Depot scrap bin

I just checked out at Home Depot and the cashier told me wood from this pile is free! Got some carving to do this weekend with my X-Carve. I might start selling products I can make from the scrap bin! Great margins with 0 cost basis on materials.


lucky :frowning:

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Wow, you are lucky. I have never seen that before. Somebody messed up bad to have all that on a flat cart.

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I’ve seen it before but it is never this full. I also didn’t realize it was free! I don’t know if it is free every day or if my local store had so much that they just need to get rid of it. I’m sure even if it’s not always free it’s for sure discounted.

Some of the wood at Home Depot is so cheap per foot I was thinking we need a section of projects focused on materials you can get at Home Depot.

What does everyone think?


Well my home depot and lowes just discount there materials

I buy 4x8 full sheets for 5.00 each

I also have a hardware store called meeks in my area and I convinced them to give me 7 full sheets of 1/4" mdf for 5.00 a sheet because they said they where damaged but really the damage was minor

but these companies want perfect sheets and will sell them cheap once damaged

I have never really seen that much lumber for free before

I am sure the cart just filled up and the store manager needed it out so they just cut there losses

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I love project ideas, the more content there is, the better! Maybe ya’ll should do a project a month, or project a week. Would be cool to follow along, almost like those subscription magazines.

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as far as the catagories for home depot lumber goes

really home depot and lowes are not that cheap I buy the bulk of my material from local wholesale suppliers and thats where you start to get cheap materials

Per example: 3/4" particle board is like 22.00 at lowes from my supplier its 18.00

I think for business owners it would be much greater to have a resource of how to get and build up your supplier accounts

and really a material specific section in general would be great

also maybe with a sticky showing the proper names of material

particle board
china birch
russian birch
apply ply

are all different materials but lots of people dont know the difference

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Does anyone work with Home Depot materials on their X-Carve?

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We have a hardwood supplier out here thankfully, Purple heart, African Blackwood, Zebra Wood Jatoba, Bloodwood etc, They also carry standards like Poplar oak walnut and maple. everything is in stock always and cheaper than my local home depot.


For hardwoods or for all lumber like 2x4’s and plywood sheets?

This place does hardwoods, but we wave another place that does specialty plywood like maple etc, and then they stock fir and spruce and pine lumber and .75 inch flatboards in pine and spruce in various widths up to 16 inches wide and 12 feet long

I pay $7 a board foot for purple heart. it’s all 1" thick and various widths and lengths

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I mean for the commodity materials. I’ve been using the boards that are 8" wide and 10 feet long and having them cut it down. Their plywood seems cheap too. Materials used for house framing etc.


I am a little confused by your questions

are you wanting to find out if Home Depot is the cheapest place to buy standard dimensional lumber?

or if its the best place to buy cheap materials for the x-carve in general

I am just confused here sorry

No they only sell basic milled items, they cut into rough boards, they are a mill and wholesaler, I buy everything in rough 12 foot lengths. I cut it plane joint it then sand it in prep for the xcarve, it saves me alot of money this way, but I’m lucky enough to have a fully equipped shop to process raw materials.

It seemed more like a cheap and standardized way that people all over could access materials for projects.

If we had a section of our projects

The question is should we build a section that only used Home Depot materials so it could be standardized and people could easily go grab the materials. If you have less expensive local sources for the same size and shape there would be nothing preventing you from doing your own sourcing.

Home Depot here is hit or miss on quality. Prices aren’t cheap when compared to a local supplier but they are limited on what I need. I’ve never seen a scrap bin at my Home Depot.
@LanceCameron I’d kill for a place like that around me!! Hell, just for the Jatoba!!! Is it all kiln dried?

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Oh I see what you mean

The problem is Home Depot is not standardized all over the country

pricing and type of materials vary

sure dimensional lumber is the same all across the country

but even the names of different plywoods are not standard around the country from what I have seen

I do know one thing please dont get rid of your material selection online if anything I would expand that and find ways to lower the prices while providing more selection and sizes

your site is something that I go to for odd materials I just wish there was more selection

I think a materials section would be great in a forum setting for people to discuss especially if you and your team could make info-graphics on the different materials

I am going to be brutally honest here I see that there has been some thought going into making videos in your project section but I do not think the videos are very good quality and the lady featured in the videos really seems unsure on if she is providing correct content. To me I see alot of incorrect things in the videos but I am not a beginner which I believe the videos are targeted to. Beginners need a strong knowledge foundation to build on. I dont know everything I just think there is room for improvement there as well

So I guess all I am saying is if you want to provide resources please make sure the info is correct

Can you please start a new thread to discuss a specific video that had some errors? If there are errors we would need to get those called out and corrected.

yeah i can do that I did leave a comment on the video itself I just was not sure how to go about it I did not want to start a fight on the forums

But I can re-watch the video and jot down the things I saw to start a discussion on

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