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How about some additional font types?

or the ability to add custom fonts?

would be nice to have a few more choices of fonts in easel


you can use illustrator to create your text and save as an svg and import
it into easel

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Yeah thats what ive been doing (inkscape) it would just be nice to be able to have it all in easel

I second this, although it is possible to import .svg files with text on them already it would be great if there were several more fonts available or if easel could draw from a local directory?

Are there types / “classes” of fonts that you think are missing? Any fonts in particular? Fonts can get tricky with licensing. One thing we have talked about for the future is a marketplace for free / paid fonts. I think that would be great both for consumers and for content creators (font designers).

If you want to have an “oh shit” moment, try looking into buying a font completely free of licensing restrictions. We are talking many thousands.

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Stupid question, is there any way of making Easel work with standard TruType fonts? It seems unlikely, but worth asking the question.

I hadnt thought about the licensing issue. I guess i was thinking like normal fonts like arial and times new roman, etc but as dan mentions that might be an issue with the type of font not being compatible

Do you have to pay licensing for Easel since it is free to use? Like a creative commons use?

What about allowing TrueType uploads to your own account?

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We use only freely available fonts

One alternative is to create a project in Inkscape, which uses fonts on your computer, save it as an SVG and import it into Easel.


Sure, but, we’re trying to eliminate steps here. :wink:

Are there any fonts in particular that people would like to see in Easel? Google Fonts has a wide variety - some of the current fonts are pulled from there. Keep in mind that we would have to test how well they carve before we add them.

One type of font comes to mind. Stick fonts. For fine engraving, It would be nice to have some plain 'ol boring stick font. I don’t need thick bodied fonts, so the thinner the better

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Seconded! Just last night I was thinking how nice it would be to have stencil type fonts. Using my scroll saw, I used to add delicate support tabs for each letter. It would be really cool to see support tabs for fonts.

As to some useful fonts (for me, at least), I really get a lot of use from the standard photoshop fonts:

Segoe (and script)
and my favorites Papyrus and Viner Hand ITC

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Please more fonts, import system fonts, something.

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Thank you,I didn’t know this!

A single line font or two would be nice. Something like Stick Font.

SOmething traditional like Cinzel - which is itself a bit too fine & whispy to use as letter cut-outs in my Carvey. A solid ROMAN type would do it, with good caps.

another small problem: in Easel, i’m using Chrome on a Macbook Pro Retina 13inch - and it doesn’t display the whole menu… for example, the lower section of ‘Materials’ is cut off so I have to guess them. Fonts… only display 10 - are there meant to be more?