How big could i make this

i was wondering…i ordered the 1000mm x 1000mm and i am curious. How big could i make this. Would it be possible to make the layout large enough to use a full sheet of plywood to make really large items and if so could I make it cut deeper than 3 inches. Please someone let me know because i am really interested in this concept. Thanks

You would be looking at a machine that is 1800mm X 2500mm. The 2500 is not a big problem because it can be supported in a couple of places along the length of the makerslide. The 1800 gantry on the other hand would be a problem with the current size of the makerslide. You would have to come up with a way to support the gantry.
The present max clearance under the gantry is 67mm or 2.6377 inches. You would have to increase the clearance and change the Z axis for the increase. Next problem is the spindle. sticking a 3+ inch endmill in the present spindle is not going to happen the spindle is not strong enough to handle it.

I am working on new Y axis end plates that would increase clearance to 117mm or 4.606" I will be changing the Z axis to deal with the added height. I am also planning to increase the Y axis to 1800mm with at least one support in the middle.

I can do this because I have a complete machine shop where I can build what I need. If you don’t have other machining facilities then I’m not sure how you would make the changes you are thinking about.


Hi Dave

What is your plan to support the gantry over the 1800mm span?

1800 is on the Y axis and supports will got to the 20X20 under the spoil board or in my case the 20X40 under the board.


Are you keeping the X at 1000mm?

i think for now i will keep it at 1000 mm and may just increase the length at a later date. the width on the other hand now seeing the issue with the gantry support i will have to think on for awhile and see what i can come up with. if i do then i will post any progress. for right now it will just have to be a thought. still have to receive my xcarve. and i am waiting like a madman. thanks for the input guys.

That’s was my plan as well, start with 1000 by 1800 and go bigger later on if I want to.
The only down side is the amount of space it is going to take up in my garage. The plan is make a rigid folding table/work bench for it and try to figure a way to hang it on the wall or ceiling of the garage.

You should take a look at what Steve Carmichael did here with his. Its a great video for exactly what you might want.

That’s pretty much what I had in mind

i do like that idea especially since i have a small shop myself. but what i have in mind since i am dedicating the spare bedroom in my house to this machine is building a plexiglass enclosure to one cut down on the noise level and two to keep dust under control with my shop vac connected to it as well for suction and airflow. and hope when my wife gets back from her trip to her mothers she doesn’t kill me. say a prayer guys. and if anyone has any anesthesia it probably wouldn’t hurt either.


Good morning.I said Y axis because you guys are calling the gantry X. I will in fact rotate 90 degrees Y will become X and X will become Y. So X is the long axis and Y the short… This will be the same as my Tormach 770 and how I think in CAM and CAD.

I have started CAD drawing in both Alibre/Geomagic and Onshape. If anyone on the tread has not checked Onshape take a look at it. It is a 3D CAD program that is cloud based and free for hobby users. It is presently in Beta testing and there are literally thousands of users running it through its paces. They have a great forum with great input from the developers just like we have here.


The main issue with OnShape so far is that you can only import big-boy 3D files (none of my existing CAD apps can output a flavor it likes). 2D import is coming, which will help, as I could then use my existing geometry, which is in ACAD format.


This is the case if you use the software and electronics that you can order with the X-carve. In my case I have a computer with LinuxCNC installed and 2 gecko G540 4 axis stepper drivers so I will not have that limitation. I also have seats of SprutCAM 9 and CamBam. SprutCAM will handle up to 5 axis if I could figure out how to rotate the spindle in two additional axis.
The folks at inventables have designed the X-carve so the users can make all the changes they would like. That is great.

I reread what you said above. Does your ACAD not export STEP or IGES files. Onshape will import and translate both of those formats. You can also download files for X-carve at GrabCam that Onshape will load.


No, STEP and IGES are not available to me.

Bummer. Are you doing 2D or 3D in ACAD.



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Yes at this time working with imported 2D drawings is a problem. I expect that it is coming the question is when.
I have 2 monitors on my computer so I can open a 2D drawing in one and Onshape in the other. With the 2D drawing demensioned I can reproduce it as a sketch in Onshape and turn it into 3D.

Don’t know it this would help you or not.


that brings up another good question i have. i was looking on line and saw the lathe that can be attached to a cnc to make it a 4 axis carver. can that be done with this machine as well

and if so what would i have to do to make it so

If you are thinking of something like the Tormach dualaity lathe or a 4 or 6" 4th axis the answer is no on a standard X-Carve.
I you are thinking of using the standard X-Carve electronics and software the answer is no.

If you are thinking of increasing the Z height and using something like LinuxCNC or Mach3 and adding a 5th axis. In LinuxCNC or Mach3 you would slave 2 axis together for the Y axis so you would need the 5th.
Then you would need to custom build your lathe attachment or convert a 4" rotary table for a 5th axis.

Then you need a CAM program that will deal with all of this.

So in theory it may be possible but not without a lot of work.

If you want a machine that will do milling and lathe operations then you would be better of buying a Tormach 1100 with all the bells and whistles You are talking about 20K all up.

You are better off just using the X-carve as designed for 2.5D and some simple 3D carving.