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X-Carve started shipping early - TODAY!

@AlanDyke, I’m in the same boat! Ordered April 22.
I don’t think I could have waited this long with any other company out there. I am consistently surprised by how on top of things the inventables team is. You simple don’t see this kind of customer service anywhere else. Hats off to all the guys and gals in Chicago!

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Thanks everyone. We had a new person start today in the warehouse. Hopefully with the process improvements from last week and another set of hands on deck we can get even more out this week!


Let the Xcarve party begin…will move over to the assembly forums from here on out and will post my process


My X-Carve arrived today by surprise. Usually UPS is great with arrival times, but I never got one. My shipping status was in transit. It showed up at my door without warning. shipped from Inventables on 5/29. Now the fun begins. Kind of glad I was able to keep an eye on the issues everyone found during their assemblies. Thanks for posting them and all the resolutions. Hope my build goes as well.

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Hi DavidSohlstrom. Could U post all the extra parts ordered to make your 1000X1800.


Hi @EbenStrydom,

Check out @DavidSohlstrom’s posts over here:

How big could i make this

Thanks for the help. Did not get all the answers that I was looking for but I must admit I am probably getting a bit ahead of myself. The wife and I are working on a 6 month plan to be able to purchase an x-carve. But I can’t get enough of peoples projects and builds. I see you are in the land of the All Blacks. Shipping must have been a bundle. I will need mine to ship to Cape Town South Africa.

Keep up the great work and all the help. Loving all of it and can’t wait to build my 1000 x 1000 X-Carve.

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Yeah shipping was a pain and customs took a serious bite.

Hopefully you find yourself with an X-Carve sooner than 6 months.

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Ordered April 18th begging for my shipping notice :innocent:

Hoping mine will show up soon, UPS has been suggesting I “please check back later.” for delivery dates since it shipped! Argh, it’s making the waiting even worse!

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@BrianSaban probably Thursdayish. To meet the target for this week it’s almost 2x last week. Since the switching time is the most expensive part of the process we had to do bigger batch sizes…that means more go out at the end of the week. It’s not as lean as we’d like but we need to remove all switching time from the process to get to continuous production.

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my xcarve is sitting in my living room in boxes while i’m at work… starting to feel sick… might have to go home early :smiley:

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Oh no, you appear to have contracted CNCitis! Better get that looked at! I hear it can be treated with some time in the shop, and a fistfull of assembly tools. :smiley:

yes i think it can

Would you like me to write you a doctors note?

I’m not a real doctor, but I ma have stayed at a holiday inn last night. I may not have too.

seems legit

Any updates on shipping today? What order dates were shipped? my order date was april 29th and the waiting is killing me…

as zach said a few posts up, they’re looking to mass-ship on thursday or so.

I believe Zach said in a blog post that they made it through 28 April. And to celebrate being so far ahead they’ve decided to shut down the shop for a couple of weeks and take all the Inventables employees to some resort for a “team building” retreat.


LMAO thats way to funny… now im going to get a hanky and go cry now… damn my eyes…