X-Carve started shipping early - TODAY!

Here’s the official blog post. Check it out!


Wow, unexpected goodness! I will be so very happy to get my machine working again with the new X-Carve components.

This means my X-Carve will be delivered before my Apple Watch! Apple manufacturing has nothing on Inventables. First thing I plan to build is a night charger stand for the watch.



Nice! Any better ideas on shipping costs?

Hi @TonyNo if you are in Europe you can now order from RoboSavvy. If you are in the USA you can take out the waste board and make your own. That is the most expensive thing to ship. It’s heavy and very big.

If you are just looking to calculate the shipping please configure the X-Carve you want and add it to your shopping cart. Our website automatically calculates the price.

If you don’t want to pay for shipping at all you can come to Inventables and pick it up.

I blame me for pestering Zach :slight_smile: now apparently I am,further down than I thought. I quit my job today! Go me so to,you send mine out I’ll do an official video,for,youtube for the i,ventables team

ONCE AGAIN INVENTABLES TEAM IS SIMPLY THE BEST ! I am sitting on the porch till it comes.


Is it possible to have a package created that included the threaded insert nuts and the extra rails included in the wasteboard package. Basically everything but the sheet of MDF. I’m in Canada and to get the wasteboard shipped costs $148 for shipping alone :confused:



If you plan to make your own Waste Board we have put together the following information for your review.

  1. The engineering files for the 1000mm board and silk screen file

  2. You’ll also need the hardware that comes in the kit but you can add them to your shopping cart separately.

a. 144 threaded inserts, 2 bags of part #30517-01
b. 14 pre assembly insertion nuts, 2 bags of part#25281-02
c. 14 Button Head Screws M5 x 20, 2 bags of part #25286-15

Thanks for that quick reply, somehow I have never stumbled across those on the site before …;)… Just saved me a big headache…:slight_smile:

For some reason before I thought the wasteboard kit came with the support extrusions to prevent the sagging on the larger sized wasteboard but through reading I am now assuming they come in the larger rail 1000mm kit by default? Was one of main reasons for wanting to buy the wasteboard kit to begin with because I thought I’d be missing the support rails.

Hi @HughMckibbin

The support extrusions and brackets are in the 1000mm Rail Kit to support the situation where people want to save some cash and make their own waste board.

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Something I noticed in the blog post was the counting out of the fasteners. Have you considered doing it by weight. The place I used to work did this all the time. Granted the bolts were usually bigger, and the quantities were usually greater, but it saved a lot of time. With a kitchen scale and a list of weights of parts per assembly, I’d think you could do the same. They would usually just weigh 10, and then say do the math to get to 100. But, you could just have a set list per assembly.

Just a suggestion.

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Ordered…:slight_smile: Now to switch to paperless billing before the girlfriend finds out. Looking forward to seeing what projects the community dream up and share. :slight_smile:


Hi Steven

We often use weight to count larger quantities, or in places where it makes sense to do so. As it turns out, because the X-Carve is configured from smaller modules and we’re fulfilling them on that module level, none of those modules contain more than 20 identical pieces of hardware—except for the threaded inserts for the waste boards (which we might have weighed)—and it’s easier to count ten M3 washers than to weigh them . . . unless you have a washer-counting robot, which we don’t have . . . yet!

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@JohnMcwhirter, the obvious solution here is to build a washer-counting robot out of some popular and readily available aluminum extrusion, and maybe some open-source motor controllers. I can put you in touch with a great company that sells exactly what you need! :wink:

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This is something I am really glad to see, Zach! I was thinking about planing down wood to match for support and stuff like that, this will be MUCH simpler. Whomever put that particular design-bit together gets a great big kudo from me!

Kinda bummed, thought all pre orders where shipping by the 30th. Another month :frowning:

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Hi @BrianSaban I’m really sorry there was some confusion. On the website we promised “X-Carve and accessories will start shipping by April 30th”. I can see what you are saying whether you read it fast or it was wishful thinking the date was there so it is confusing. Sorry about that.

On the bright side we have the parts in our warehouse. We have about 2 months of orders and while yours wasn’t first it wasn’t last! At this point it is just a matter of how quickly our team can kit them up.

They know everyone wants them as FAST as possible and error free. We’ve set up our best system to date designed for this challenge and I hope we can beat the estimates but I can’t promise that at this time. We will know more by the end of next week once we have a full week under our belts.

No worries, just anxious to get it. Keep up the good work

Great news! It’s always nice to beat your time estimate and ship early.

Nice I just hope my place in the queue is based on when I ordered, and not when I modified the order. :slight_smile: Either way it will soon be like x-mas morning. It’s probably a good time to get my new workshop organized.