How do I drive the X-Carve if I use V Carve Pro software?

I have V Carve Pro software. How do I drive the X-Carve with files from V Carve Pro?

Easel can import the gcode files, or you can use a different gcode sender.

Many of us use the Universal Gcode Sender (version 2) to send the Vcarve gcode to the X-Carve

You can find it here

UGS is a JAVA program so you will want to run the JAR file or the BAT file that is in the ZIP file. Also be sure you have the latest version of JAVA loaded on your shop computer.

Also be sure you use the X-Carve post processor when saving your gocde.


Here’s some info for you.

Because I’m new to V Carve and just started learning it, but why can’t you design in V Carve
and export it as an SVG file and upload it to X Carve ?

The toolpaths created by Vecrric are more efficient and have more options.
An example would be the 3d tabs and ramped plunges. Easel can’t do that.

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess because of all the additional procedures that
need to be done in order to get it over to X Carve I am either confused and or
perplexed about it. Is there anywhere in the forum that shows a step by step process
of completing this.

Step 1. Go to the help tab in Easel, choose downloads. Download the PP (post processor) that is labeled as Vectric Aspire.
2. In Vectric program click on file, then "open application data folder. This is where you will past the PP you just down loaded from Easel. It has been awhile since I did this so if you have trouble search the Vectric help files for downloading PP. But as I recall it is rather simple.
3. Now after you create toolpaths in Vectric you will save them using that PP (post processor). save them to a folder that you name such as Toolpaths.
4. Then in Easel go to the upper left and click on the Easel icon and select new project. Then click on File, import g code, browse to toolpath and select it. When it is imported there will not be a split screen in Easel. It will only show the toolpath and you can simulate.
5. Click carve and Easel will take you thru the rudimentary safety steps as usual.
Start with a few simple things with pockets and cut outs.
Some important things to remember.

  1. Make sure you are aware of the material zero point you have designed in. Vectric lets you choose any of the 4 corners and the center. Also know where you are locating Z zero as Vectric lets you choose the machine surface (bottom of material) as well. do not choose that until you have a better understanding of the process.
  2. Make sure the toolpaths you create in Vectric have the settings you want for your machine. The Vectric defaults are a bit aggressive for the X Carve.
  3. Imported g code is what it is and cannot be revised and the X Carve will do what it is told. With exception of feed override that lets you adjust the feed rate.
  4. The 3d tabs and ramped plunges I mentioned previously greatly reduce those dwell marks that are created when travel stops for vertical movement of the spindle.
  5. Check out the Vectric forum for some good information and help.

You get the hang of Vectric and you will soon quit designing in Easel with exception of really simple things or repeating some of you previous projects.


I use Picsender to send my gcode files from Vcarve Pro to the Xcarve. It’s a well written program and has some nice features like built in probe support.

Picsender if you have the Xcontroller
Mach3 for me!

Thanks for all the help, I’ll give it a try.