How to carve a jpeg image onto a piece of wood

I would like to make something like this medallion on my CNC. In place of the fish, I would like to carve a Beagle image. (I have included the Beagle image I want to use). Also in place of the “rope” I would like to use text.

Are there any tutorials on how to create something like this? I am new to Easel so detailed explanations or videos would be of great help.

Thank you for your time.

Easel doesn’t do 3d like that.
You will need V-carve or similar.

I would also mention that you may need Aspire. VCarve can make the files needed for CNC, but other than working with imported or included 3d files, it doesn’t really allow you to create reliefs like Aspire does.

With that said though, you can use 3d modeling software and use the stl import to sort of replicate the internal features of Aspire. Personally my new favorite site is there is an artist there who did some fantastic work (Moshchan). What I do is download his/her stuff then use rectangle or circle to just cut the part I want. The frames are fancy, but many times all I wanted was the art itself.

If you just want to do your dogs, you can try the trial version of autodesk artcam, or vectric photovcarve.

EDIT: Here is a picture where I adjusted the the rectangle vector just just show the inside art and not all that frame.

Thank you Mike. I am trying photovcarve as we speek!


To head off the next question when you go to save it, I personally use “G Code (inch) (*.tap)” for importing gcode into Easel.
It won’t show up in the Easel file import dialog box, but if you change it to all files you will see it. You may also use the universal gcode sender tool. Though, I kind of like storing my projects in the easel database. The reason I use tap instead of xcarve gcode, is I have had way too many gcode compliance issues.

Steps (sort of) of getting gcode/tap into easel

Use the Import g-code (though it’s really tap in my case)

Change it from Custom Files to All Files

Now my tap files shows up, Since you can’t resize or change tools in Easel I just use a standard (Name of File, Size of my work and the tool size)

Easel accepts it and shows a crude tool path

Then my xcarve spits it out :slight_smile:

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Thank you Mike. Aspire is WAY out of line for me price wise. PhotoVCarve wont do relief work. I can only get it to engrave. Very disappointing as I can find software that does what I need but is WAY to expensive or doesn’t do a good job of importing color photos.

sigh…my brain is mush! I’m going to bed!

Yes it will.

So will our PicLaser or PicEngrave image to gcode programs. It requires a depth map image.

Depth Map Images

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