How to cut all components from one sheet

I have a model which comprises of a number of components - mostly repeated and all made from the same thickness and type of material. The model shows all the components assembled. Using Fusion360, how can I layout all components in the same plane so that I can arrange them for CAM to be cut in one session for a single sheet?


I’m actually doing the exact same thing right now. I didn’t find anything online except for just copying the assembly into a new project and manually moving them to a single plane… which is a huge pain. But it works. I’d love to know if anyone else has figured out a way to do this!

That is one thing that I believe a Aspire can do.

@TonyNo , Which version of Aspire do you use for X-Carve?

I don’t. :wink: I just know people that do.

See this thread for details on doing it in F360

it would be the quickest way to do it all in the same app.


VCarve has an mode where it will nest the components into the work area following parameters that you’ve set (clearances, tool size etc). Seems to work pretty well for me.

I guess anyone with VCarve can do this for you.

V-Carve Pro can do that. Desktop does not have that feature. If you send me all the components I can see what layout V-Carve comes up with. I will also need your desired spacing between the parts and desired margin around the outside for hold down.

I use Cambam which is an affordable cad cam software that has a nesting feature, Cambam is an intuitive cad package written with the DIYer in mind. They offer, plenty of free training tutorials and the trial download can be found here.

Cambam can also create G-code

Check out Patricks video on a script for F360:

VCarvePro Nesting Tutorial:

Aspire uses the same tutorial as above.

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I have and use aspire I can do it for you if you like

Thanks for the offer but it’s more of a long-term requirement rather than a one-off.

I tried Patrick’s Nesting script but didn’t have much luck as it crashed each time.
I found this YouTube video ( which looks like a good way of doing things. The guy starts by creating a new component call “3D Model” and then moving all the components into it so that he has a single parent component that he can switch visibility on or off. I can’t manage to get the components to move into the new parent - drag and drop as suggested doesn’t do anything. Is this a different version of Fusion360 perhaps?