How to make Spindle Holder (CNC 3018)

Hi people that are smarter than me. Just starting in cnc carving, I’m 69 years young and no bugger all about cnc carving.
I purchased a 3018 Chinese cnc knock off, goes okay but the 3d spindle holder just discindergrated (SP).
I found one online that is cut with the cnc but in ply or alloy but It’s in a Step file.
Ihave installed Fusion 360 (well over this old mans head) can open the file in 360 but thats about as far as I can go.
From 360 I have to generate a GCode so I can use Easel to carve it.
hoping this is understandable to this lovely community.
So any help in getting this GCode for me is appreciated.
The site with the D/Loads is …
And if it can be done for me can the file in Fusion 360 be altered for the 45mm spindle motor on my 3018 cnc machine.

Thank you very much for any help at all, hoping all is well with all in these troubled times of the covid 19 disease.

Merlin…from NZ

I don’t use fusion 360, but I create gcode from 3d with meshcam. It has a 30 day free trial. It is pretty user friendly, as it has about a 8 step linear process from start to finish. It may be worth the effort to try it since you have the drawing already.

Easel only, adjust material thickness to your liking and cut multiple ones to give you the overall thickness desired. Internal cutout is set to 46mm to give the design some fudge factor :

Thanks Maritain…Will try but I’m not that good with things like this, Mesh cam is only for 15 days.
But I do have time now, will let you know how I get on in a couple of days


Thanks for the reply…that link doesn’t go anywhere.
As I said to Martian above I’m not that good with new stuff never had this when growing up and it’s all so new I know nothing and can’t refer back to my childhood for any help…


The link should be good, it should open a fully finished project Easel can run direct.

Sorry but when I click on that link I get a sad square face saying “This project has not been shared publicly”.
What am I doing wrong…



@HaldorLonningdal If you need help sharing the file, you can follow the instructions from this guy. He seems to know what he’s talking about. :wink:


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I followed that guy´s instruction but apparently they were flawed, a “pretend expert” surely :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying again, inside diameter is 46mm (1mm oversized):

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Hey guys. Thinking of buying an x carve but mainly for one purpose and that would be manufacturing flush floor vents. Now that requires 30 degree slot cuts. I have seen guys make custom spindle mounts that set the spindle at 30 degrees. My question would be if I were to mount the spindle on the x carve at 30 degrees could the software track properly spacificaly on the z axis? I will attach a picture of somthing similar to what I am trying to accomplish! Any input would be great!