How to remove current machine, non-pro Easel

I’ve bought some upgrades and need to change my machine in Easel, non-pro.
I was under the impression you can still use Easel without buying the pro version.
How do I uninstall my current machine in order to be able to install a new setup?

Go to machine>edit machine and select “delete machine” and then ok the popup to ensure you want to delete it.

Ok, I can do that on my main PC, but it would never give me that option on the PC I use with the CNC it would only send me to purchase the Pro version. Finally removing it on the other computer removed it from the CNC PC. Now, I can’t get it to re-install the newly configured machine, all it wants is for me to install the driver which only gets to checking install with the progress bar fully filled and then freezes. I was about to replace the current CNC PC anyways, maybe that will solve this problem. If you have any suggestions please pass them on. Thanks

If the older PC is a windows 7 or 8 than the new drivers will not install properly as Easel only supports 10 and newer as a result of the drivers needed for the current version of win11 include new security settings that cause an incompatibility with windows 8 or older (thank Windows for this “feature”)

other than that possible issue, the PC should load the drivers fine if its win 10 or 11…

That would be the problem then. This is a Windows 7 machine. Is this new, I had been using this PC with the X-Carve for the last 6 months or so?

January 31, 2023 inventables released a new driver.

Their old driver also did not officially support windows 7 or 8, however it did work with them for most users. But the newest security feature requirements of windows 11 essentially eliminates windows 7 and 8 users from using usb devices with the latest drivers… and this is the issue we see here. Easel would need to host 2 versions of Easel in order to continue to support the old driver and that isn’t really feasible, as a result windows 7 and 8 users need to update their version of windows to use the “carve” function of easel. You could download the gcode and use a different software that uses different drivers that are prior to this security update, but now many newer versions of other free sender softwares are also being forced to update and will soon completely eliminate the ability for any windows 7 and 8 pc to operate a usb data streaming device (like a cnc).

my suggestion is to update windows or get a new computer with the latest version of windows…

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