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How to update an App?

Hi All,

I have some moderate skills as a Developer using mostly Python, but have also dabbled with Javascript and some other stuff. I’d like to take a stab at updating the dogbone generator so that the corner “holes” are more correctly located as described in this forum post - Dogbones! I love 'em!. How do I access the code for the Dogbone App and how do I make Easel aware of my updated version so that I can test it?



I’d call Inventables and talk to there Easel developer.

Hey yeah I will make a repo on Github with the app code as soon as I am able to, I’ll update when I do. If you want to experiment you’ll have to create a new app and copy in the code (when I post it). If you make an improvement that would benefit other people, we can collaborate on the open-source code!

Hey all,

We’ve moved the source for most of the apps we have made into the Inventables github account. There you’ll find the source for the following apps:

One thing that you’ll find in the box maker is a little svg generating library and simple way of testing the app locally. I’d like to develop those into their own little features, especially the test harness for using your app locally.

We’ve also now placed the following 2 apps there as well:

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Awesome having these on github.