How to wire 500 W Chinese spindle with its controller speed to the X-Controller

Hi all,

I have just order the upgrade x-controller kit. While waiting my package to arrive I am strongly need assistant on how to connect my 500 W Chinese spindle with its controller speed (see picture below) to my x-controller. As you see in the picture, the potentiometer is already hooked to the speed controller board, the thick black cable goes to outlet 240 V and the red and black wire for the spindle are hooked in the controller board. To hook it to the x-controller’ spindle outlet (PWM or the 0-10V), what should I do ?

I have this controller/motor combo as well. The power supply only accepts 0-10v analog input ( or a potentiometer ) the 0-10v input on the PSU are the FIRST two screws on the LEFT.
my PSU terminals are ( Left to Right ):
1 & 2 0-10v Analog
3, 4, & 5 are Potentiometer


6 & 7 Enable Switch
8 & 9 Spindle Motor
10 & 11 110v AC

see this Picture for a graphic of the wiring info.

Ty Hoeffer
Palmyra, VA

Hi Ty,
Thanks a lot for your reply … mine does not have the Pin 1 and 2 on the left as your picture. Here is a closed picture for mine.

It is very similar to your picture but without the first 2 pins on the left … What do you suggest ?



Ok, yours is one of the older models.

If you have a Volt Meter, check the RED & Black wires. One will have 10v DC, the other will be ground ( GND ).
You need to connect the 0-10v wire from the X-Controller to the YELLOW ( middle position ), and the GND from the controller to whichever position on the PSU was ground. Convention says BLACK is ground, BUT this device was made in china, so there is a good chance they used whatever color wire was handy at that instant.

I am assuming you know to remove the potentiometer from the PSU when hooking up the X-Controller, but thought I would mention it just in case you didn’t.


I have turned on my spindle and put the potentiometer to Max and measured the voltages between the the following wires:

Red and Black = 3.69 V DC
Yellow and Black = 3.64 V DC
Red and Yellow = 0.00 V DC

I think the Black should be the ground … but the reading values I have are OK ?

Place the black probe from meter against metal frame. then read each of the three terminals. you are looking for a 0v reading.

A way to verify the readings you took previously is to read yellow & black, and turn the knob a little. The voltage reading should change up or down.

Essentially there should be 10v on one terminal, 0v on the opposite terminal, and a reading somewhere in between on the middle terminal.

Unless I am totally wrong & your unit uses 0v-5v, which is possible. If so you would need some circuitry to shift the voltages, or maybe use a PWM to Analog voltage board like this:

Except this one does 0-10v.

Unfortunately I am at work so I cannot verify against my PSU.

Can you send me the model number of the PSU and the motor?
I can figure it out once I know what I am dealing with.

I will do … as soon as I returned back to my home … thanks a lot guys …

Hi Ty

I have measured the 3 wires Red Yellow and Black with the black prob on the metal frame as you suggest, and the results were showing variation of voltages :

Red and Yellow value range between 1.3 to 3.2 V (goes up and down)
Black Value range 5.5 - 6.6 - 4.5 V (goes up and down)

I have measured the 2 wires Yellow and Black as you mentioned in step 2 and I got 3.65 V and while turning the knob to the extreme right I got 3.65V and turning it to the extreme left I got 0 V. So maybe as you said the PSU uses 0-5V.
So what is the next step ?

Hi Stephen,

Please find below the picture of my spindle bought from AliExpress and the its link below.
The model number they mentioned on their website is : 500 W DC Spindle.
The link is:

I measured my PSU & found Black ( Right most terminal of the 3 ) is Gnd. Red is ~+10v.
Yellow varies with the pot. So, you need to hook up the X-Controller to Terminal #2 & #3. #2 = 0-10v from X-controller, #3 is GND on X-Controller.


Hi Ty,

You mean by terminal #2 the yellow wire to X-controller (0-10 V) and the terminal #3 the black to GND of the X-controller GND ? am right ?

Next step is do you have any electronics background?

A voltage divider could be used to reduce the voltage in a linear fashion.

0-10v from X-Controller 
             o-----VVVV-----+-----VVVV-----o GND Motor PSU Terminal #3
                  1k Ohm    |    2k Ohm
                     To Motor PSU Terminal #2 this becomes 0-5v

Something like that. Important part is Resistor closest to X-Controller MUST be 1/2 the
value of resistor closest to Terminal #3 ( GND ).



Do you mean by “voltage divider” that if I have to use the DC to DC converter (showed below) and hooked The IN + (adjust it to 10 V DC) of the converter to the (Spindle 0-10 V) outlet of the X-Controller and the IN - of the converter to the GND of the X-controller, and on the other side hook the IN + (adjusted to 5 V DC) of the converter to the yellow wire of the spindle speed controller and the IN - of the converter to the Black wire of the spindle speed controller ?

if I am mistaken would you please provide me a schematic showing exactly what do you mean ?

That is a power supply, designed to provide a regulated voltage to provide power for a device.

it takes one voltage ( expected to remain steady ) and turn it into a set output voltage, Like to allow you to take a 12volt battery & run a 5volt device.

a voltage divider is a simple circuit ( two resistors ) connected in series, smallest value closest to higher voltage, largest value in this case connected to ground, so that it divides the input voltage by the ratio set by the values of the two resistors. You need the 0-10v signal cut in half so that a full rpm ( 10v ) is cut in half to 5v which seems to be full scale for your Motor power supply.

Honestly the unit you needed to purchase was one that states MACH3 compatible.
Much like this one:

There are other things you could try but without a knowledge of electronics I’m afraid to mention them.

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This PSU will solve my problem … so the connection pin + goes to Spindle (0-10V) of the X-Controller and the - to the GND of the X-Controller right ?
Now for Easel software I should choose the Automatic spindle and I may vary the speed of the spindle manually using the Knob.


With the X-Controller you can control the RPM on/off/variable.
I cannot speak for limitations on the PSU. Mine is connected to X-Controller WITHOUT a potentiometer connected as I thought that the POT might get in the way of the X-Controller.

Thank you very much Ty for your valuable help … have a good day …