How to wire 500 W Chinese spindle with its controller speed to the X-Controller

if you can measure the Voltage for the jumper
you could connect a solid state to enable spindle

I was hoping to find the model number of the PSU
I can’t look it up without it.
The add is good but I need to know what those Chinese language above the terminals.
Its important in order to hook it up correctly.
The jumper could be just for on/off and may have current requirements.

did the google cleaver thing and got the info I needed.
I will be working out the hookup and post it soon.

If you want to hook up the pwm then I will need a bit of info to make it work.
If you just want to turn on and off the spindle and preset the speed using the POT then you just need to remove the jumper and use it as a switch. You can hook up a relay to it to turn on and off the spindle.
I will be looking into how to make it work with the pwm signal.
There is a way to do it I just need a bit of time to make sure its done right. :slight_smile:

I have an extensive knowledge of electronics.
I can help you get it hooked up and working.
I cannot do it without knowing the following information.

Can you tell me the value of the POT. example: 10k 20k…
Also measure the voltage across the terminals of the POT.
Measure from the center to outer leg with the pot position all the way on like your running the spindle at full speed.
This will help me determine the correct components.

This power supply does not have the analog input which is what you are showing in the picture.
This power supply its labeled as switch 1 and it could damage the unit.

how but removing the jumper and connect a solid state to enable spindle

That would work only if he wanted to just turn it on and off.
I think he wants to be able to control the speed too.
I am working on a way for him to do that.
I am just waiting on the measurements and the pot value.

Hi Stephen,

I have already turned on my spindle and put the pot to Max and measured the voltages between the the following wires and get these results

Red and Black = 3.65 V DC
Yellow and Black = 3.65 V DC
Red and Yellow = 0.00 V DC

Actually I want as you said to control the speed too … It should be controlled by Easel software I believe right ?

do you want to measure the Ohm between the led of the pot ? I will do it soon …

The voltages help thanks.
Now I need to know the value of the POT.
It may be printed on the body but if not you will have to temporarily disconnect it and measure what its value is.
The measurement between black and red wires will tell me its value.

I am going to make you a circuit that will do what you want. The Power supply you have does not allow for the analog speed control but I can make a circuit that will take the speed control output of the X carve and have it run the Power Supply. Its not hard but I do need to know the POT value so I can ensure it works here.
The voltages are important for me to simulate so I can get it working correctly.

Hi Stephen

Sure, I will do as soon as I go back to home (within an hour).
On the other hand I would like to know the actual workflow for the X-Controller Spindle PWM and (0-10V) outlet … Please correct me if I am wrong … The Easel software will activate these outlets by sending signals through g-code to the spindle speed control and depending of the values sent the spindle’s RPM acts. If true, how to control the speed of the spindle by software ? is it within Easel setup ?and how ? Suppose I want to add a dust cleaner machine and I want to control its ON/OFF with Easel software how could be done and which Spindle Outlet to use (Spindle PWM or Spindle 0-10V) ?

The only place I know of for setting RPM is in the Machine settings.
This means you will have to change it each pass

There is a good tutorial/info site I found here that has useful information on using Easel.

For both types of controllers I would suggest the use of one of these for your dust collection system:

It will allow you to connect to the SPINDLE (0-10v) connection to turn on and off the dust collection system and one other item of choice.

~Older GRBL board~
The spindle speed is output via the PWM from the controller (X-Controller or the GRBL board if you have older system) pin 11 is the PWM pin that will be used to control speed.

~New X-Controller~
The spindle speed output is on the back side labled (SPINDLE (PWM)) and the on off is (SPINDLE (0-10v))
You will hook up the SPINDLE (PWM) and the SPINDLE (0-10v) up to the circuit I am going to make as one will be for the RPM and the other will turn on and off the spindle using a relay.
the output will go to your power supply where your POT and switch connections are.
I will make the circuit and it will have clear instructions on its hookup.

See pic below for the X-Controller.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your valuable info … First of all I measure the pot it is 4.78 K
For the Iot Relay you have told me about is perfect but it is 120 VAC outlet while I have 220 VAC … Can I buy this below SSR Relay I think it has the same functionality ?

As I have read from your answer the function for the pin labeled (Spindle PWM) for the X-Controller is to adjust the RPM of the spindle only and the pin labeled (Spindle 0-10V) is for powering ON/OFF the spindle ONLY.
For the circuit you are going to build, is it for my spindle speed controller only or I can use it for any spindle I may later buy ? i.e 1.5 KW with VDF inverter?

Sorry to be trancated … here is the complete picture for the relay

I do not know what your power requirements are but you can locate similar items for 220v.
this SSR will require a heat sink and they do get hot when you run high current.
Also it will have to be connected correctly otherwise you get problems.
A good contact relay is good if you drive the coil with a smaller relay or transistor circuit.
Its best to find something that is UL or safety tested and rated for your 220v power.
Building something custom and getting something wrong could cause a fire or fry boards.

Ok Stephen … I will try to find similar item for 220 V … Thanks … However did the pot value I gave you help ?

I am searching the web but I didn’t find this relay with 220 VAC … Could you refer me to a link ?

Yes the pot value helps me choose the correct components for the circuit I am working on.
It will be one that you can hook up to the power supply to support speed control.

I will see about hunting down a 220 volt power switch for you.
Give me a few days on this as I have a regular job and cannot spend those hours working on the design. I also have to do some testing on my end to ensure it works properly.

Thanks Stephen for you help … I appreciate your valuable cooperation …

Your quite welcome and if it works then I can make more of them for others.