So this is my first real project that I just cannot figure out. I know it is small to those with experience.
I am trying to put the words
With 2 stars on the ends. But every time I try to combine it looks bad and it is not connected. I am not asking for the fix but maybe point in the right direction. I tried to look for projects like it but could not find one. Can this be done? Any help is appreciated

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Here is how to share your project so we can help you if not try my link below to guide you it has some tips

File / Share / Copy / Save / Paste into email

Your project is not set to public.

I am not sure how to “fatten” the letters up every time I do it they look funny

Click on the link above I provided, the offsetter app works good with a couple of additional steps. Each font will be a little different as to what to add depends on the font and the size you have made it. I have used anywhere between .005 and .15, if you share your project one of us will help.

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How does this look?

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