Humble beginnings

So mid November I caved in and ordered myself the 1K model with the last part, the X-Controller, finally arriving in January.

While waiting for the final part I decided to be productive and raise my knowledge about Fusion 360 from zero to a more usable level while also lurking the Forums for anything of particular interest on this matter - I decided to skip Easel entirely as the limitations would have forced me to learn a more capable Application later on anyway.

So the question was what should my first Test Project be to get the machine knowing?
After some thinking I went for a DeWalt 611 Relay Box as It would serve me the most in the long run:

Which took me ages to model and various restarts.

Today, more than a week since I received the last piece to finalize the machine, I finally got the balls to turn it on:
Some calibration and a few air runs later I did the first, bottom, part of the Box.

It required a total of 8 Operations ( I believe that’s what they’re called in F360? ) to finish:
2 for the Counter Bores to mount the box to the X-Carve Side Board.
2 for the Dogboned Slots ( 1 drill for the ears, 1 pocket for the slots )
1 for the Flip Work Piece Geometry cutout
2 for the Screw Holes and their Countersinks
1 for the final contour to release the piece

There are 2 casualties to report though:
1x 3mm Drill which got slightly bent when I accidently hit the Y+ Axis button instead of the Z+ one while it was still slightly engaged to the work piece during the Z-Axis zeroing procedure.
1x small Clamp that got bruised during the Flip Work Piece Geometry action - Ah well…

I am so very much pleased with this machine =)

Any particular recommendations the Pro’s would give for the future?


and then he two sides the piece as well - I’d say you already had them :smile:

Heh, finished the Relais Box after some minor adjustments:

Decided to carve in the DeWALT Logo next to one of the C13 Sockets for clarification.

Almost uncanny how very much of a copy it turned out to be compared to the 3D Model =)