Hydrographic Lake Art

Interesting concept here. I wonder how difficult it would be to convert topo / hydrographic charts to SVG shapes?

Lake Art

There are a few of threads here on that subject. Here’s a couple:

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I keep saying that this would make a great Tip Jar Project for someone that could do a Project and video taking a novice from start to finish. :sunglasses:

That’s a great idea MM.

I’ve done about a dozen bathymetry carvings now - mostly Superior but also some smaller lakes. I wouldn’t mind taking on this challenge, … except for the fact that the software I use is not open source and I’d have to come up with a more “open sourcey” technique to get the contours carve-able. I have no experience with Vcarve or any of the other specialized software but I wonder if that would be a better approach for a novice?

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