I LOVE my Suck It Dust Boot

Hands down the best $100 you can spend… This small addition earlier would have saved me HOURS of headache from the Mrs. “You spent $2k on that thing and for another $100 my washing machine and EVERYTHING else in the garage wouldn’t be covered in dust?”

Great design that requires no permanent attachment. The whole thing can be removed with 4 screws. It captures 99% of the dust from the finest MDF to acrylic shavings so far, and has proven to be quite impressive.

I use the G30 “tool change/parking spot” after setting HOME, but before the carve to slide the shoe into the bracket. With $40 in extras from Amazon, plumbed the boot into the Dust Deputy, into the ShopVac.


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I am so relieved to hear this. I just ordered mine a few days ago. Now, I REALLY can’t wait.

Best thing I got for the Xcarve. MZD is the way to go. Also the support from the team there is amazing.

Their support is top notch. Recommended steps… 1. Read instructions. 2 Install. 3. Enjoy a few bourbons. I went with step 3 first, then 2, then emailed them with some “issues” I had only to find out that I’m a moron, eventually went to step 1. By then they had responded with pointers and offered to replace anything I was having problems with…


That’s awesome! Bourbon is always the last step in my woodworking projects.

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Still lumping us all together, Eh? :smile:

I agree with my Aloha buddy… suckit is worth the $$…

I ordered mine two weeks ago. I eagerly await its arrival.

Their website doesn’t fully explain the advantages of the regular shoe vs the MZD shoe. Any guidance/thoughts?

The MZD has the bottom recessed and allows the router to go further down in Z without hitting the dust boot. It allows for much deeper carves.

I can try to take a picture of the two tomorrow if that may help you (I have both).

I also have the MZD.
A fantastic product, you will not be disappointed.

Ordering today. Mahalo!

Just ordered mine today! Can’t wait to see how sucky it is…

picture and link please, gentlemen.


which one there?

I got the MZD with hose adapter. If you’re using a DeWalt 611 you’ll want the MZD version for sure. It has a recess for the z axis to have another 1/2" or so.

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I experimented with a couple different designs, and from what I can tell the reason why the Suckit is so effective is that it is so low to the surface. It really transfers the vacuum power efficiently where as if it was further away from the surface it would lose power.

For me it was actually too close to the surface.
The 1" brush that it comes with, caused the frame to run into my clamp screws.
Jenn was gracious enough to help me out with where I could get a longer brush.
I now have an 1 1/4" brush and all works perfectly.
She also sent me a replacement part for free that I broke. (because I have a tendency to overtighten screws)
Great product great service.

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I agree on needing longer brushes. I have a habit of running the acrylic into the hold down clamps. I’ll ask her about longer brushes.

I hooked mine up with dryer hose and the dust collector is trying to collapse the dryer vent hose.
I have a video and will try to post.[quote=“DavidRechenberg, post:22, topic:32816, full:true”]
I hooked mine up with dryer hose and the dust collector is trying to collapse the dryer vent hose.
I have a video and will try to post.