I LOVE my Suck It Dust Boot

Dryer hose doesn’t have the reinforcement needed for the negative pressure…
I used this for $35 on amazon and it works like a champ.

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The “over tightened screws” is something I also ran into… Thank you Gorilla Glue! This is something worth mentioning…

The 4 screws that hold the brackets to the X carriage DO NOT NEED TO BE CRAZY TIGHT! Just enough to hold up the aluminum extrusions.

I have a history of overtightening things.
My wife always likes to remind me of the time I installed and new toilet and tightened the screws to the flange.
It cost me another toilet.

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Another option …

Although that is 4"… You’ll need a reducer to make it work with the Suck It adapter and a normal shop vac.
The one I bought on amazon works fine with normal hose clamps.

Thanks @RyanHaag for pointing that out… I should have mentioned that I have a HF Dust Collector and do have the 4" to 2.5" reducer.

The dryer hose does not hold up to the suction of the dust collector.
I got dust collection hose and will change it out.
Someone said the dust collection hose will be to heavy for the dust boot and effect the results of the cnc carve.

Hey Dave… That’s why I went with the superflex one mentioned above. The original PVC hose I bought was wayyyyy too heavy. As well, I have 4 inch tube above my work surface, so I only have about 4 feet of hose…

For fun and kicks, try raising your dust boot an inch from the surface. I noted that when i had mine too low to the surface, the suction was too powerful… It should work just as good with a half inch or inch space…

Let me know how it goes…

I bought the Rigid shop vac hose from home depot.
fits perfect and works great.
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how do you post an image?
I know that I’ve done it before, but cant quite figure it out right now.

HI Jan

You have to wait until it uploads before hitting send …

In other words, you should see the picture in the preview first, once you do then you can press send

That is a good idea.
I will try it tonight.

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WOW… That was painful.

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Geez,I finally made It happen

I am looking at getting an 1.5 gal 2 hp shop vac for the CX, will that be sufficient for clean up? is there a certain size of hose to use or is it based of what size of shop vac you are using.

I just want to say that a shop vac may not be the best solution. But…my work has been using the SAME craftsman 2HP 5gal vac on our 4’x8’ router at work sometimes for 6-7 hrs a day for 4 years and we got it used it with the router because the previous owner was doing the same.

That being said I can’t wait for it to die so we can get a real dust collector because I sometimes have to empty it twice a day. I’ve literally abused it. It just keeps going.

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I’ve had the same Craftsman for over 25 years .
It still has the same power as when it was new.
But a dust collector is the way to go.
Even if only for the reduced noise.

Besides that, You always need a new piece of equipment in your shop…

Is there a dust collector that would fit in a 48x48x32 in space that could give me the proper clean up. I am making a enclosure in the basement that has to be takin apart when I PCS so I need something compact but strong.