I'm Converted! (Superglue and Tape)

Saw this video the other day, and figured I would give it a try. Before this I was screwing pieces down. I tried carpet tape, but the residual buildup was horrible.

This works great! It is fast, flat, and leaves no residue or drill holes. I just used regular loctite superglue with a 10sec handling time, and had no issues. As soon as I can get some activator I will try it that way too.

Has anyone else tried it?


Very… Odd…

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I know, right? It does seem very odd.

I ran some hard maple through at 60 ipm and about .09 DOC on a 1/4 inch endmill (the settings I normally use when screwed down). It didn’t shift a bit. I’m sure I could go more aggressive, but just didn’t get the chance to try yet.

The only “problem” is that both taped surfaces have to be flat and free of debris, so may need to be surfaced first.

lol nah. It worked fine. It would probably be 10 secs either way. I just like to try out all options :slight_smile:

The accelerator/activator speeds up the cure time…the glue I used still has a 24 hour cure time.

Wow. Great post. Can’t wait to try this. I screw everything down and it is definitely faster and more secure, but that time advantage quickly disappears when dealing with tabs, cutting, then sanding, etc. My spoil board on the big machine is in pretty bad shape right now, but I will try this on my next project. Thanks again @BradT

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Q: When should one use tabs? I’m not quite sure now, after seeing this video.

You should use tabs any time some material may be unsecured, and could move freely. In the technique shown in the video the tabs are not really needed because the material is affixed to the spoil board with tape and glue.

As always though, use your judgment. If you don’t feel completely comfortable with how secure something seems, don’t do it.

@Earwigger Just to avoid confusion. I did not make that video. I am just sharing it. :slight_smile:
Please post your experience with it if you give it a shot.

Yeah, I quit using carpet tape for the same reason sticks so good I couldn’t get it off the project. I am going to try this superglue trick when I get home.

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I keep forgetting to try this!

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I’ve been using this technique for a while, even before I got the X-Carve.
I use good quality 3M tape but cheap super glue, I think the last lot I got was $5 for 10 tubes.
I have on occasions gotten a little carried away with the amount of super glue used and it can leak out the side of the tape and stick to the workpiece where it’s a pain to remove and usually leaves a stain.

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Do you use an activator, or just the glue?

Just the glue, all the activator does is speed things up.

Why not try this method? Just curious.

Perhaps a new thread is in order.

I use this tape https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0141L81GS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Easy to remove and absolutely no sticky residue left on material and holds tight.
Best stuff I’ve found!


I use 665 Scotch tape on occasion. Usually when I’m cutting something with small sections that I don’t want to use tabs for. So I’ll use clamps for the whole piece and put some tape where the small cuts will be.

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I use the same tape as @JeffParish, and I have to agree. No residue at all left on the wood and it just peels off with no issues. With some of the cheaper tape, I had a few parts come loose while cutting, this stuff really holds the pieces down.


Looking at the reviews on the link that @JeffParish posted, I see someone else on this forum uses it too.

I’ll have to give that a try some time. How thick is it?

The reviews on amazon were myself and @AllenMassey…maybe more.

The tape is actually VERY thin…not like the thick spongy tape. When I get home from work I can take a few pictures.

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The Xfasten double sided tape works perfectly, It is one of those few things that does exactly the job you want it to do with no issues at all. It is even easy to peel the backing off.

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