Importing .svg photo?

Has anyone imported an .svg photo into easel? I have converted an .jpg photo to .svg format (I think) and I want to import it into easel to do a carving of the photo. Any suggestions?

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If it’s a valid .svg file, you can just start a new Easel project, and import it.

Under the “File” menu, it’s just “Import SVG”, and Robert’s your mother’s brother :smile:


Thank god we have you Peter. My finger is bleeding, you made me laughing. Thanks.

Here’s the thing, I went online and found a software that would convert photo’s from .jpeg to .svg. Seemed to work okay but when trying to import into easel it will not import. Is the some software that will convert to .svg into a simple format that easel will reconize. I desire to carve photo’s in wood.

Make sure the .svg doesn’t still have the original .jpeg imbedded in it. When you convert the image to curves in what ever program you are using, it usually adds an additional layer that is the vector curves. One of the layers usually says bitmap, delete that, resave the .svg and try the import again.

That’s sure a lot for an old boy that’s dumber than dirt but I will try and see what comes up! Thanks for the input.

Well I tried doing as you said, but I couldn’t identify any layer’s in the photo. So I don’t know where to go? What software do you use to convert your photo’s to .svg? Also if you don’t mind holding my hand and walking me through this procedure I would certainly appreciate it.

what software are you using?

Recommend; Vcarve Photo.

I like vcarve and inkscape

It depends, if your image is only two or three colors, then something like the Beta feature in Easel, or using Inkscape is the way to go.

If you’re trying to convert something like a photo, then you’d want a product like VCarve Photo, or software that supports creating images in halftone:

This worked for me, Hope it works for you! Also, I find that if you can black & white the image before converting it from jpg. to svg. it’s less hassle! Booyah!!

Just want to add a big thank you for FrankSpear’s suggestion. Works a treat as no import failures to cutting layout area compared with other apparently satisfactory file converters e.g.Easel, DrawPlus, Inkscape on all my trails with it so far on .jpg black and white silhouettes. The recommended converter will convert almost any image file type. Concentrating on inlaying at the moment.