Infinity loop with names

I am looking to make a infinity loop with a name on each side and maybe a date. how do i go about trimming the loop where the names are. Something like this.


Draw boxes and set to zero depth. Put over those spaces you don’t want carved. Then put the name over those. You may need to use the send to back/front commands to make it work.

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  • Make the infinity loop
  • Place a small retangle over the area of the name location
  • Set loop to full depth / rectangle to zero depth and choose Combine. This will break the infinity loop and you can now edit those nodes
  • Insert names
  • Edit nodes to match letters/design and set all objects to full depth and Combine again.

Carve, set path to “Outside” :slight_smile:

This should help you

thanks all. I have it made now going to cut it tonight.