Anyone know which box assembly instructions for the XC is in. I’d like to read through them before beginning to put it together without having to tear everything apart to find them

Assembly Instructions are not in a box they are located at choose your machine size and click on links to progress through the procedure.

Also if you must have printed instructions a user on this forum has made .doc and .pdf files found in this post Assembly PDF

Thanks very much. I reckon I’ll start rippin’ & tearin’

Good advice no doubt. Like many before me I’ve been reading about the process and watched a lot of vids. I know also that this forum is among the most helpful anywhere, and the customer service at Inventables is nearly unparalleled.

I can not wait to get going!

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Travis did a nice job on this.

Hi Ward,

I just put my X-Carve 1000mm together last weekend after about a week or so worth of assembly time (spread over several days). Like it’s been said before, read ahead a few steps and it doesn’t hurt to read all the way thru once or twice before you actually start assembly.

The instructions are very good at the start, but once you get to around the sideboard and electrical assembly, the details start to get a little sparse.

A few lessons learned from my assembly:

When installing the side rails (The ones that run from front to back), the instructions say to make sure the V-tracks are to the outside, but what they don’t mention is to make sure that the slot on the outside is at the bottom of the rail, not the top. I did that, and several steps later when installing the limit switch, had to go back and flip the rails over. They show it in the picture, but a note would have saved me a few minutes of re-assembly time.

When assembling the X-Controller, there are 2 screws that go in the sides of the enclosure to create a stop for the circuit board, this step isn’t mentioned at all, and if you miss it, the board will slide in when you are trying to plug in the stepper motor wires.

Also, when assembling the side board (if you bought one), that nice cutout in the sideboard near the back side of the X-Controller is a great place to run your wires. That way they exit the drag chain, go under the side board and come out the hole, keeping them in a neater bundle.

Speaking of the sideboard, at one point late in the assembly you will mount a bracket on the left side that will eventually mount the Y-Axis drag chain, they never really mention where this should be located. Mine ended up about the middle of the rail on the left hand side.

If you are attaching the Z-Probe, getting that thin little nut to start with the lock washer in place can be a real challenge, I ended up forgoing the lock washer (Gasp!!) because I couldn’t get the nut to screw on with it in place.

Good luck on your assembly, that’s a good part of the fun of owning an X-Carve! If you get stuck this forum is awesome.


Thank you so much for the information. You’re right, this forum is astounding. Tomorrow, early, I start work on my new adventure. I will have this post specifically, and the forum close by.

Thanks again for the help. I’ll give back as generously as I’ve gotten when able, though it may be a good while… The learning curve and all.