Is it possible to crop tool paths?

I’m working on a project that exceeds my Y-axis travel. After looking at a bunch of videos, and a couple write-ups, I couldn’t find any good description of tiling in Easel. My thought is that I can create my 8"x24" project, then duplicate workpieces with different Y-axis offsets. I’ve seen this in V-carve, and I plan to use index holes to properly align my workpiece.

The issue is that Easel generates a toolpath for the entire 8x24 project. So I’m looking for a way to crop either the artwork or the toolpath to just the ~10" working area.

Make a rectangle that covers what you want to ignore and set the carve depth to zero.

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Easel dont support tiling but you can work around it like Neil described.

To secure position you would need something to align it with, a bump stop / ruler and pencil or alignment holes/pins.

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