Is this forum important to you?

This is getting out of control guys. A lot of you feel the responses given are out of line. A lot of you feel the OP is out of line.
The bottom line is the entire thread becomes useless for anyone that does use the search function.
A lot of you say “If you don’t like what the OP has to ask just scroll on past”. Well this advice is good for “if you don’t like the reply just scroll on by”.

What’s going to happen is this forum WILL become useless. It will lose the “selling point” that Inventables has relied on in the past. At that point they WILL shut it down. I know I would if I were them.

So let’s make a deal with each other.

1). Start new. Let the past animosity go. It doesn’t matter anyway.
2). Lets be more “sensitive” in our responses.
3). If we see a response we feel is “rude” let it pass. It will do a lot less damage if it isn’t provoked.
3). Let change our name back to what it was originally and not prowl the forum looking to pounce on “rude guys”.
4). Lets give the true newbie a break and time to learn the forum policy’s and search feature.

I don’t want to see his place lose it’s luster and be shut down.



Agreed! Contrary to the current thinking of some, “common courtesy” is not an outdated concept but rather a practice that helps keep civilization civil.

I agree with everything you said. Although I feel like you missed the point of my post. I in no way asked if you care about the “newbie” or their feeling of entitlement. I assume that’s the point of your Rum story. I didn’t see anywhere where the owner of the building was mentioned. How did he feel the bickering affected his business plan. If the arguing continued, would it run the risk of being closed to your club? This is not what Inventables had in mind when THEY created this forum. It’s future is completely up to THEM. If it continues down this road will they see it as a place to attract more customers as it has been. Or will it become a deterrent for prospective customers. If it reaches that point, it and all the valuable info you and others have generously contributed will be gone. I’m just asking for people to calm down. If the stolen Rum would have cost you and the other members to lose the “club house”. Would it have felt so important a month down the road.

So again I ask Is this FORUM important to you.

I know from hours of searching and reading and reading that the searches are exhaustive because there is so much to read. I’m not a reader, I am a doer, here is a helpful search tip for anyone that wants to narrow down the search.
First use the search function and find a post that at least looks promising. If it happens to be a thread that Phil has started and there is a bazillion replies, hit “CTRL F” and search within the thread. For example: use CTRL F right now in this thread and type “entitlement”. This will allow you to weed through the posts a little more efficiently. I hope this helps.

I appreciate all the info and help I get, but when searching as I have bought the x carve in 2018 and seeing posts from 2015/6 and things are different which would throw off some ppl and even me, as I ask myself would that work my new updated one or do I have to keep searching.
Even if I do keep searching sometimes the articles i’m searching for are not updated to the new machine, not saying anyone has to update any of it, but just saying :wink:
As for byob, how 'bout the guy that walks into a pool hall and everyone has $300 sticks and the new guy needs to rent one, you guys no the look he’s going to get, but keep’s going everyday and plays on his own seperate table, until after awhile the guy at the next table starts to chat with him and tells him a few tricks and shows courtesy to the new guy. Next thing you know after time the new guy is beating 80% of the hall and everyone is now chatting with him and becoming friends with him. :wink:
We were all new at some point, we all crawled before we walked, then we learned to run :wink:

Again I don’t disagree with you. But if fighting the invading army to save your country, will cost you your country. Then shouldn’t a bit of diplomacy at least be attempted. It’s our forum. And our actions will determine its lifespan.

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my momma always told me, if you have nothing nice to say…say nothing at all :wink: it’s pretty much that easy :wink:

oops wrong reply…sry, lol

oops wrong replay sry…lol

The same argument continues from post to post. It needs to stop on both sides. None of this is relevant or needed to help anyone.

so why do you keep falling back in?



… aaaaannnd it was nice knowing Chris.

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omg people stop making threads about the state of the forum. I know the OP meant well but its just adding fuel to the flame.

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Thanks Phil. Nice to see at least one post inline with the goal of the forum.

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It probably wouldn’t hurt to stop commenting on them as well. Just a thought.

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I wasn’t trying to attack you. I just don’t think these threads add any value to the conversation. Especially if there are multiple ones.

It’s an opinion. A constructive one at that.

Didn’t think you were trying to attack me. Just stateing another constructive opinion. Not just the OP keeps this thing alive. So do the “constructive” comments that everyone seems to think is their responsibility to make. So many posts lately have gone south. Not only because of perceived “rude” comments. But also because of the “need” to comment on them. It all needs to stop. I mean. Why did you feel the need to interject your opinion in this thread if you don’t agree with it. I’ve seen you say “just pass on by”. But you yourself failed to do that.

So now people can’t express an opinion when disagreeing. Nice.

A discussion is only really valuable if all parties can have a say. Having disagreements is ok on a discussion board. That’s why it is called that. As long as they are respectfully expressed.