It's Alive

I ordered Collets for the Dewalt DWP611 in 1/8", 4mm and 6mm. I found them here:

I’ll let you know if they are worth it.

I see they have a deal 3 for only $67.95 (a savings of over $7). They must be very good collets indeed.

Let me know how they work, I may be getting a couple also.

That’s the price for the collets for DW625 Type 2, DW625 Type 3, and DW 624 Type 2

Go up one section and the set of three for the 611 is 49.95 for the 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4.

Now I think thats a deal after seeing the other price! Thanks

Yah, that’s not a bad price. Just ordered the set.

With Shipping, the 1/8", 4mm and 6mm collets were $66.25.

It hurts me to my core to hear that. I paid about $7 for these three (1/4, 6 and 4) ER11’s

I know, I have Er11 collects… Nice and inexpensive… Oh well… I want the additional power, not much I can do… Lol

Eh, I figure I actually use the 1/8 and 1/4 probably 99% of the time. I can live with it.

Made a couple of quick things today. Spent most of the weekend rearranging the shop. Seems putting a huge Desk with a CNC machine into the shop affected things. Everything is now in it’s place, so more time to play.

Made a Coffee sign out of 1/2" MDF and a small Cherry Heart for the wife. The text was a bit deep and a little close together, but I’ll redo it later. I found the model at:

They seems to have some nice models.


Did you use Easel for the cam and G code?

No, I used VCarve…For the coffee sign I can put the vectors into Easel, the heart was an stl file.

Where do you find your stl files?

That one came from:

It was their example one. I have found a bunch on, but they are scattered over the forum.

This Link has a few free ones:

Here is an interesting one, I think I will make a picture frame out of the one in the main picture on the site…using contrasting wood.

I’ll edit this post and add more as I find them :smile:

Thanks, I am always looking for new designs

Did this relief today…used a 1/8" endmill to rough at 70ipm and a 1/8" ballnose for the finishing pass, also at 70ipm. If I do it again I will use a 1/4" roughing pass, the 1/8th roughing pass took a little over 2 hours. The total size is 5" x 7" and this is with no sanding or anything…straight off of the X-Carve. It is tough to photograph so excuse the bad pictures.


Also made this Lazy Susan today out of a 1.5 inch pine blank glued up. Used a 1/4" 90 degree V-bit at 100ipm only took about 2 minutes, added a cherry stain. I got the lazy susan mechanism from Amazon. The wife wanted something simple.


I never posted the finished address sign…so here it is…


Received the collets from Elaire Corporation for the Dewalt DWP611. Look good, and screw on the router…I’ll give them a try this weekend. They use the same 17mm wrench as the original collet.