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1/8th endmill runs nice and straight, no visible runout…that is just with the router on…no cutting yet.

I’m hoping to get mine soon, they’ve shipped! I have a bunch of 1/8 bits that I haven’t been able to use yet.

I used my bits in a rotozip adapter…worked ok, but had runout that I could see. With the router on and the new collet, the bit looked perfectly straight.

I ordered the 4 and 6 mm Wednesday, hope they get here soon.

Finally cut the Sun Stone. I lost some detail as I cut a little too deep. I used a 60 degree 1/4" V-Bit at 60 ipm. It is 16" across and cut into MDF. I will do it again and make the cuts shallower and seal the MDF before I cut. The machine worked beautifully, the cut took 4 hours and it ran smoothly the entire time. I am really pleased with the X=Carve.


One thing on the Sun Stone, the G-Code was 300k lines and Chilipeppr choked and crashed trying to load the file. I tried several times, used UGS and it worked beautifully with no issues.

I have no idea what I’d do with it, but omg I’m totally going to have to make one of these, that looks insane!

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A quick bathroom sign using the 2 color HDPE from Inventables…

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What bit did you use to carve that?

1/8" endmill, 2 flute upcut. This was one of the first things I cut…the flat areas are a bit rough…now that things are really dialed in it would be much smoother.

Cool. If you got the starter set from Inventables, you might try the two-flute straight cut bit. Before working with HDPE I’d only used upcut bits before, and I was surprised at what a difference it made, gave me really clean edges. That sign looks fantastic, that color seems exactly right for the sign as well :slight_smile:

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I did get the starter set…but to be honest, they are all still in the little plastic case. I haven’t even looked in there yet…might have to take a peek :slight_smile:

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Got the dewalt hooked up to the relay as in this post:

Plugged in the shop vac as well, so now my dewalt and shopvac come on when I press go on Chilipeppr. I assume it will work fine with UGS, but haven’t tried it yet.

Here is the link on Amazon for the relay…I know it has been posted before, but just making sure it is here.

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Had a little fun today. Cleaned up a dxf file scaled it so the slots were 0.125" and cut it out of 1/8" masonite.


That is very cool! Any chance you could post that file?

How would you like it? What software do you use?

I use Vcarve, so a dxf works, or just about any vector file. Or a crv file if you did it in Vcarve.


I have the file in 2 layers…you could arrange the parts on one sheet, but I had the masonite cut into chunks already. Mine is setup for a 1.5 mm endmill. I used the screws toolpath to drill holes for screws to hold down the board. I arranged the pieces so the screws toolpath works with both layers. If you cut it out, the slots are snug, I had to use a file on them to enlarge just a bit. You could select everything and scale it up by about 0.05% to loosen the slots a bit. Please post a pic if you cut this.


Sabre Tooth (1.3 MB)


I have a lot more files like this, I will be cleaning them up 1 by 1 with Vcarve. I’ll post them after I clean them and cut them.


Thank you! I am work on the Tiger now. Not sure if I have any 1/8 stock, never used it before.