I've lost machine control

Hello Folks — I’ve been running/learning the X-Carve 1000 for about a year using Easel Pro and controlling it with a laptop running Linux Mint 21.2 with no issues.

Recently some carves began stopping midway at random places for no apparent reason — no changes in setup, configuration, hardware or anything. From searching the internet I tried various things even using a g-code sender, Openbuilds Control, with the same result of the carves stopping (couldn’t get UGS to connect).

Using Openbuilds I tried tweaking some settings and now I’m in a position of not being able to control the machine in Openbuilds or Easel — no jogging, no running jobs, no homing, nothing.

So, I went back to Easel, uploaded firmware, removed all machines and tried setting up a new machine and couldn’t get past the first screen where you verify movement (jogging). I’ve tried different laptops, different USB cables, different USB ports, different AC circuits, etc. I even tried a Windows laptop all to no avail.

What can I try next?

Edit: Forgot to mention — both Easel and Openbuilds appears connected. Easel carve button turns green & Openbuilds shows “connected” but no movement on either AND the stepper motors are not locking like before.

Maybe this will help?

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Thanks…did all that — didn’t solve it.

After conversing with Inventables customer service it appears that the main controller board is probably the problem…

…when I get it put in and setup I’ll post here again.

New controller board solved the problem.

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I’m wondering if the IOT power relay is what killed the x-controller pcb? Anyone else had problems with the relay?

Shouldn’t be a problem.
How are you using it?

To turn the spindle off when carve completes.

That should have no effect on the controller.

So, was it coincidence that the controller board went out at the same time I was using it?

If it’s wired correctly, yes.
Do you know what on the board “went out”?

Yep, wiring is fine. Don’t know what went out, Inventables didn’t want it back.

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