Jigs! jigs!

I love jigs. I’ve been thinking of a jig to hold 12x12 1/8in thick ply. Can’t quite get a good idea. So let see some jigs ya’ll have used! maybe it will get some juices flowing.

still in progress, I just upgraded motors as well as changed my table top to a torsion box. So, I’m about to start re-calibrating and doing some small projects before picking this one back up in order to be sure that everything is reliable.

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Thats awesome! I love how you worked your 123 block into the design

This is what I came up with, unfortunately the 12x12 ply isn’t perfect and every piece is different and I’m too lazy to cut them all down to the exact same size.

Made it ~.005 above the surface so I still have some clamp force on the ply. Probably going to surface a sheet flat to use as a fill for when i’m not cutting the ply.

I’m going to add threaded inserts to the four corners and probably use wooden washers as I’d rather hit wood with my bit vs metal. Any thoughts? Pretty simple?

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Thanks, the 123 block was not a conscience decision, but i realized I made it 2 inches so it worked out perfectly :slight_smile:

for something like this, I might recommend only a single corner… basically a bump stock… on the other side use a edge pressure clamp to press into the bump like a cam clamp.

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I printed these corner clamps for 1/4" material. One screw in each holds material very well. I have since printed some for 1/8" and 1/2’ material as well.


That’s pretty awesome! My only concern is that i’m trying to use as much of the 12x12 that I’d run into the corner holders. Hmmm… How much would you charge for some 1/8"

I’ve hit a few of them with the bit, no damage to anything. I can find the file and send it to you, there are lots of places to get things printed. They are small and quick to print…should be cheap from any of the online places.

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I’d appreciate it greatly!

Here is the link for a 0.125" version (1/8")

Does $30 sound like a good deal for 4? I’ve never had anything printed before.

wow…that is expensive

where did you check?

I added the 1/4" ones as well to the post above.

I checked 3D printing price checker and it showed makexyz as the cheapest at $6.50 each

I just checked the 1/4" ones at 3dHubs and it is $9.79 for four.

Check there…better yet, do you know anyone that has a 3D printer…these are really quick and use very little filament.

I don’t know anyone with a 3D printer sadly, I might buy one in the future (any recommendations?) What material should I have them printed in? Is PLA good enough?

$30 is an insane price, it probably doesn’t cost $2 worth of filament. I printed mine in PLA.

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Awesome, 3dHub is way better! only $8 for 4!

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just mill them out upside down… mod the design a to simplify the machining.

love the idea…


These look like they came out great, should have them in a few days

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