Job Completes in the Middle of a Carve

Looking for anyone else who may have experienced this issue. It’s happening sometimes but not all the time. I’m not sure if it’s the X-carve or Easel.

Halfway (-ish) through a carve the machine returns to start and Easel says job is complete. How did it turn out? (I always click “great”). But it’s not.
After this issue happens Easel wants to home the machine again.

First time I have had any issues in almost a year now. Anyone else know what going on?

I have a week wifi signal to my laptop because I’m in the woodshop detached from he house - but it’s never been an issue before.
I noticed recent updates to Easel. Something there maybe?

Any help is appreciated!

Hello Ryan, I have been having similar issues and I think its due to static noise from either Vacuum or Spindle for me. I runnin gtest now to also troubleshoot. I am running it dry with no material in air with spindle off and vacuum off to see if the same program that did not complete now complete without extras turned on. If it does now complete Im going to try other methods to reduce the static noise.
Check my forum to see if any tips people mentioned to me might help you. I hope we can figure this out because i hate wasting time and material on random losses of connection. let me know if you figure your problem out.

Also - if this is something that just now start to act up, check that the Dewalt brushes arent work out. If they are they will arc more => more EMI noise which may be picked up by the USB.
Worth checking.