Jobs Overview

Our team is currently working to release Jobs to existing Easel Cabinetmaker users. Please stay tuned!


As we all know, there’s more to a job than just the design and construction of the project. From communicating with clients to ordering materials, cabinet makers have to be on top of all the little things that go into a job. We’ve built the Jobs platform in Easel Cabinetmaker to support these processes, and to give cabinet makers a better place to log and reference all those moving pieces.

Jobs Homepage

To view your Jobs, click on the Jobs tab in the Easel modal or go to Users can also click on the Jobs tab in the top navigation bar in Easel Cabinetmaker projects. This page is where users can view, edit, and create all of their jobs.

Create and Edit Jobs

To create a new job, click the New Job button in the top-right corner. You only need a name and status to create a new job, but you can add additional information once the job is created. After creating a job, users can add the address, target date, associated projects, checklists, and notes.

What’s Next?

Jobs in Easel Cabinetmaker will continue to grow, to capture more information about the job and further streamline the cabinet maker’s workflow. We will be exploring additional features for client management, payment tracking, inventory management, productivity and performance insights, and more.

Who has access to Jobs?

Users who were given access to Easel Cabinetmaker after November 14 will automatically have access to Jobs. We’re currently working on the roll out for existing users, which involves a migration process for existing projects.

If you were added to Easel Cabinetmaker before November 14 and you are interested in test driving this new workflow before it is released to all users, please reach out to our team! We would be happy to have your participation in our ongoing user testing.

Awesome, so we should all eventually have access to jobs?


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Yes. But if you would like access sooner, please visit the link Natalie provided above.

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