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Thank you for letting me have a look at the cabinetmaker software , just some back ground on me , I been a cabinet maker for 48 years done lots of things in the industry, one was selling software to the Australian market, building kitchens as well. Cab master software, teowin software , plus used a lot , so I think is amazing that easel is working on one. We build cabinets in Australia a lot differently here , boxers are all made of white board which is 16 mm thick , bottom units all have a solid 16 mm back , kick are a ladder construction or plastic legs we have end panel on the side of the box which is the colour, to match the doors , kicks have a front panel ,same colour, over head units are all made out of white board with panels on the ends ,same as the bottoms , so that’s a sort story how we make kitchens in Australia. Most software I have used has the ability to choose how the cabinet is built and maching holes for shelf’s and fixing screws and hardware, (eg) draws , we screw all our boxers together. If you like my info about how we build kitchen in Australia I happily send more info on software that I have used and still using , thank you Marc

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