Manufacturing with Cut Lists

Our team is currently working to release this new manufacturing workflow to existing Easel Cabinetmaker users. Please stay tuned!


Until now, the manufacturing workflow required switching between Easel and Easel Cabinetmaker to create and carve cabinet workpieces. To provide a better user experience, we have adapted the manufacturing process so that users can stay in Easel Cabinetmaker the whole time!

Preparing for Manufacturing

When you are ready to manufacture the project you’ve designed, head over to the Manufacture tab. Click the + button to generate a new manufacturing cut list. Adjust the cut list settings to your specifications, set the dimensions for your stock material sizes, and then click Create. Easel Cabinetmaker will provide cut plans for CNCs and traditional tools (table/track/panel saws). You can also print these cut lists for easy reference when taking the plans into the shop.

CNC Workflow

After generating the desired cut list, users can expand the cut list to view the sheets and panels. The names and dimensions of the panels included in the sheet will be shown on the right side of the page.

When you’re ready to cut a sheet from the cut list, simply connect your CNC machine to your computer and click the Carve button in the bottom-right corner. Users can also select the option below to download the G-code file for the current sheet.

We know that existing users will occasionally make additional edits and customizations to their panels once they are created in Easel workpieces. As we introduce this new workflow that eliminates the need for Easel workpieces, we’re working to maintain the value of that extra customizability without the extra steps. Stay tuned!

Saw Workflow

For users who select the Table Saw manufacturing method, the workflow is similar when setting up the cut lists. The software needs to know the width of your tooling, which parts to include in the cut list output, and the dimensions of the stock material. In addition to the panel details, the right side of the page will outline the order of rips and cuts to make in the manufacturing process.