Manufacturing Updates for Early Users!

*Update: We will be releasing these updates on Tuesday, February 13*

original post below:

We encourage all users who signed up for Easel Cabinetmaker before mid-November to review this update - these upcoming changes will likely apply to you!

We’ve been testing improvements to the manufacturing workflow in Easel Cabinetmaker and will be releasing an update soon to give all users access to these new features. Our current plan is to release the new workflow for all users on February 9. We will keep everyone informed via this post if anything changes with that timeline.

As part of the change to the new workflow, Easel Cabinetmaker projects won’t contain Easel workpieces anymore. So, if you’ve customized any of the cabinet workpieces you’ve generated, you may want to copy or save those projects.

The video below provides an overview of the new workflow, and walks through the steps to copy or save your existing workpieces if you’d like to preserve them. You can also check out our guide here for more information about manufacturing with cut lists in Easel Cabinetmaker!