Room Layouts - Overview


Room Layouts have arrived! Users are now able to place cabinets along multiple walls in Easel Cabinetmaker to create full-room installations. This latest update introduces new functionality to the Easel Cabinetmaker interface. Please review this article if you have any questions about room layouts. We look forward to your feedback on this new feature!

Selecting a Room Layout

Users can start a cabinet project from any of the room or cabinet templates. To start with a room layout, simply select the desired template. The new Easel Cabinetmaker project will have numbered walls listed in the left-side panel where new cabinets can be added. Each numbered wall corresponds to one of the walls in the 3D render of the project.

When starting a new project from an empty room or a cabinet template, users will be able to specify the layout type under the Room settings at the top of the panel on the left side of the screen. If a room layout is not selected, the layout will default to a single-wall.


Rooms in Easel Cabinetmaker have a total of four walls. The icon in the left-side panel next to each numbered wall indicates which wall it corresponds to in the 3D render. Cabinets located on Wall 1 will be listed under the Wall 1 section.

As a reminder, if the view is focused on a specific cabinet, clicking “Show All Cabinets” will return to the view of all cabinets in the project, and the room will be oriented in-line with the icons for each wall in the left-side panel.

Adding Cabinets

Users can add cabinets to each wall in the selected layout by clicking on the + icon for wall and base cabinets in the left side panel. New cabinets are positioned left to right in the order that they are added, and are grouped by each wall in the layout. The wall and base cabinet lists can be collapsed for easier viewing.

Gaps can be used to offset cabinets, and they are especially useful at corners to prevent adjacent cabinets from intersecting at wall corners. Users can add gaps to the project the same way as cabinets, and the width of gaps can be adjusted by double-clicking the blue arrows that represent the gap.

Repositioning Cabinets

Cabinets can be repositioned across walls. Click and drag the selected cabinet to move it to another wall or reposition it on its current wall. Wall cabinets cannot be moved into the base cabinets list, but they can be moved to any other wall position in the layout.

Be mindful of gaps when repositioning cabinets, especially at room corners. Easel Cabinetmaker currently treats each wall as separate, so gaps will typically be needed to prevent intersecting cabinets at room corners.

Changing Layouts

Users can change the layout style for their projects by selecting any of the layout options listed in the Room settings. For users who know they will be creating a project with cabinets on multiple walls, it is recommended to select the room layout before beginning to configure cabinets. Changing the room layout can change the organization of the cabinets depending on the room size and the cabinets in the project.


I noticed this added feature this afternoon and I was playing around with it.

It was working well, but I have to be honest I didn’t have a lot of extra time to really put it to its paces.

I will definately get into it over the weekend and report my thoughts then.

Thanks to the team for all the hard work and continued improvements.

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camper van interiors next please.:laughing:



I have multiple rooms I’m looking to add cabinetry too, both that have a 135 degree wall. I’m pretty sure I’ve calculated it right to require a 10.75" buffer from the corner so the cabinets will butt against each other and just have the wasted corner. Given that you’re working on room layouts, is there a possibility for customizing the shape of the room, giving me more confidence that I’ve calculated things appropriately when visualizing it? When it was a single wall layout, I figured this might be too big of an ask, but with the Peninsula Kitchen layout, I thought maybe this could be an easier lift than I originally thought?

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Really Good Start!

Another option that I use a lot is building an kitchen island. Is it possible to add that as an option as well?

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Hey all! Thanks for reaching out

Custom corner angles in rooms and kitchen cabinets are both things that we plan on addressing down the road. There are a few challenges in these areas that we’d have to tackle during development, but that’s the name of the game! We don’t have a concrete timeline for when we’ll have either of these features available, but they are definitely on our radar. Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions! Input from our users is vital to our development process :smiley:

If you have additional suggestions or feedback, or if you’d like to share more about your techniques and processes - please continue to reach out!