Jtech Laser 3.8W issue: help!

Hi all,

I bought a jtech laser 3.8w for my x-carve. My problem is that I can’t make function the laser from the controller. I´ve tried the following so far:

Please help, I don’t know what could be wrong… (easel for carving have no issues).

I´m attaching some pictures of the installation.


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Most likely you are running into issues due to the changes for laser mode in grbl version 1.1f

I have a version built on 1.0c that works with the standard G-code definitions. You can either use my version, or read the instructions here if you want to continue on with grbl version 1.1f

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I use Larry’s version 1.0c with no problems. Works great for spindle work as well as the laser. I also use picsender to send the Gcode. One click and can switch between spindle and laser.


Grbl laser is good