Just ordered xcarve

Just ordered my xcarve…
can anyone tell me as a first time user is it necessary to buy the probe?

Yes, you will be glad you did


Thank you

picked up the Super router kit for 79… anything besides the probe you would recommend?

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Forget the probe and get this.

You’ll never be sorry.


Backing this comment. I love this tool.

I bought the probe, but I almost never use it. I usually “manually” set my Z=0 position.

The precision collet for the 1/8" bits. A lot of people have had trouble with using the collet adapter, bit slipping down, bits breaking, I’m sure most if not all of the troubles were operator error but the precision collet is nice.
Good Luck and Welcome to the Forum

Thank for all the help guys… been doing a lot of research and learning a lot of things… glad there’s a forum that helps each other

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Not to step on Russells toes, but check this out for a precision collet.
Save some money.

not to step on jans’ toes but if you want precision collets not stock style then spend the money and get what you pay for.


then click products and select what level of precision you need. they come in ◦EP (extreme-precision grade) TIR < 0.0001in (0.0025mm), TIR @ 1.0in. < 0.0002in.
◦UP (ultra-precision grade) TIR < 0.0002in (0.005mm)
◦PG (precision grade) TIR < 0.0004in (0.01mm)

I have bought both styles (complete kits) and never use the stock type collets any more.



I want to step on both y’all toes, :flushed::joy:


What’s the super router kit?

I’m guessing it’s the Super-PID.

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carving bit super pack for 79.00

Come on guys, my toes are sore here.
Let’s keep in mind what type of equipment were dealing with.
What we have here is a “Hobby” machine with a DeWalt router as a spindle. (we didn’t spend 20-50K or better on it)
If I remember correctly, Inventables advertises the units to be within ~.004" (you may correct me if I’m wrong)
And don’t get me wrong, I am VERY satisfied with my machine and I use it almost daily.
That being said, spending $60.00 or better in a collet (when you really don’t have to) just seems crazy to me.
That’s akin to spending $5000.00 on a set of fancy 22" rims and tires for a '85 El Dorado. (and I know, you know what I mean)
I bought the Elair collet for $20.00 and it works perfectly.
I defy anyone to find any (machine) error in my projects.
Notice the emphasis on “machine” as I make plenty of mistakes on my own.
Just my $.02, but I’m listening.

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I was way off.


Okay, i’ll play.

why does inventables bother selling the precision collets and nut and wrench then???

this is the same collets and wrench at the same price it is just where they get them from.

If this was not of importance then why do they sell them? would they just not sell the cheaper stock style dewalt collet.

again I do not want to go through all this. just pointing out that they (inventables) sell these when you want an 1/8 inch collet and I have both sets and I can say from experience you get what you pay for. I never use the stock style ever and probably never will again.

and before I get all the well donate them to me post, no thanks I paid for them and I will keep them in the drawer for back up if I ever need them.

what Inventables sell

Good morning,

  1. Let me be clear and say that my argument is for machining wood only and not any type of metal.
    If you’re machining metal, then my argument goes away.

Again, let’s not lose sight of the limitation of the machine itself.
I’ll be the first to admit that I have never tried one of those collets.
But I just can’t justify it when the rest of the machine is not capable of holding those tolerances.
By the time you buy the collet, nut, and wrench, you’re into it for $60.00
My Elair is the collet and the nut for $20.00 (and I don’t have to buy a special wrench)
If I had a machine that was capable holding tolerances of less than .0005, then absolutely I would want in the best collets.
I’m not saying that your collets are not good, to me it’s just overkill.
Can you actually see the difference in your projects.
What are those differences?

I use the probe all the time. I set my zero at the centerline of my work. I also have a different probe for my other machine that uses Mach3 and have found that a time saver as well.