Keepsake Box

Latest production. Oak, Dove tail joints, Clear Shellac and Poly. Here is the result.


Very nice work.

Thank you.

Looks like a very fine box to keep all your sakes in.

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You’re funny, box for sale if someone have sakes to put in. :smile:

Right now I am forced to keep all my sakes in a paper bag under the sink. I dream of someday having a beautiful box like yours to keep them in,

This one is Teenager girls. Next one is on the table now is 10X7X5" I’ll send you VCarve files if you want.

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I’m interested in the files. Perhaps you could post them as a project on this site.

I can’t generate SVG files for Easel. Easel only can cut the profile out. Rest of them V bit, Ball nose 3D and Dovetail. If you’re VCarve user I can post .crv files.

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Did you make this for Pete? I hear he needs a place for his sake…
I would also be interested in the crv file…

How did you do the dovetail?

VCarve Pro have Dove Tail Gadget.

I saw you cutting this on the Dust Shoe with a Window thread, wondered what it was going to look like when it was done. It’s really fantastic! Would love to see the .crv files when you’re all done :slight_smile:

Might be worth getting @Zach_Kaplan’s attention, this one looks like it might be Twitter-worthy!

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You Know when you draw something, you’re drawing for your self, like a puzzle. Only you can understand which one is which. Now I’m working on drawing names and missing items then everyone can understand. It won’t be too long. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, you should see the toolpath gcode files I generate off of my V-Carve projects, they look like:

and then as I’m cutting, I’ll end up making
2.2_pocketing_fix_other side
2.3_one_more pocketing_fix

and so on…

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alan can you post the crv please? i cant get gadgets to install for some reason thought maybe i can backwards engineer the dovetails lol

I will, just give me a little time.

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thanks alan

Maybe I have to make one for @Zach_Kaplan and hang it to his neck to take his attention. :slight_smile:
10 pages full of attention to two zimbik hose from Amazon to hope will suck some dust if you’re lucky enough to chips goes into those tiny hoses, what’re you call LockLine, ya wrong name, must be LuckLine. I introduced Real working dust shoe, no dust on the table what so ever didn’t take his attention. :alien: