Lamp project: Avengers assemble!

After my last lamp project a friend of mine wanted a lamp, too. Naturally he didn’t need to ask twice. So here we go:

Some lessons learned from my side:

  • This time I used acrylic glass instead of transparent paper. I will keep this up, the overall quality and the lighting is a 1000 times better
  • Order of steps is important. The rgb strip is glued to the inner sides of the lamp. Because I wasn’t thinking I did:
    painting -> glue rgb strip -> glue acrylic glass;
    better would be:
    painting -> glue acrylic glass -> glue rgb strip, that way the rgb strip won’t be in the way when attaching the acrylic glass
  • I used carpenter tape to attach the acrylic glass, that worked pretty well.

Overall I’m happy with how the lamp turned out and I’m quite confident I got that kind of projects now figured out :slight_smile:


Super nice. I’m jealous of the lighting work I see on here … it’s just not something I know much about so am going to need to start learning.

I’ll just describe my workflow, maybe it will help you (have a look here there you can see the backside of such a lamp as well). I’m not a native speaker, so if anything is unclear please ask!


  • MDF for the frame
  • HDF for the front and back
  • frosted acrylic glass
  • some aluminium foil
  • some scrap wood
  • an rgb strip like this one


  • cut 4 pieces for the frame and glue them together
  • cut the front including the logo. The size should be fitting for covering the frame completely (if you’re looking from the front side at it)
  • glue the front to the frame and sand it nicely
  • paint it
  • sand a gap into the bottom of the frame, so you have some space for getting the cables out of the lamp
  • glue the acrylic glass to the backside of the front (carpenter tape is the easiest method in my opinion)
  • cut the back in a way, that it will fit into the frame nicely without too much of a gap
  • glue 4 pieces of wood into the corners of the frame; they should be large enough to drill into and fit a screw, but not too large; glue them in a way, that the distance from wood to the back of the frame is the thickness of your back HDF
  • glue the aluminium foil to the inner side of your back, with the shiny side upwards; this will improve the lighting quite a bit
  • glue the rgb strip into the inner sides of the frame; the more, the better
  • lay the back onto the 4 wood pieces glued into the corners of the frame, drill a hole in each one and fit a screw into it
  • done

Very helpful instructions and thanks for the link. Appreciate it a lot!!

No problem, you’re welcome!