LASER kit for X-carve from Opt Lasers

Hello Everyone!

I’m very happy that this forum exist and that I can reach you. I’m Mateusz and I’m representing the Opt Laser brand. Maybe you heard of us already :slight_smile:

We are laser modules and electronics producer. We are working mostly with laboratory lasers as well as temperature controllers and laser diode drivers. Some time ago we decided to uses our experience and create professional solution for CNC machines.

Here is the X-Carve manual connection:
PLH3D 6W Opt Lasers- X-Carve_wiring.pdf (1.4 MB)

  1. Power supply 12-24V
  2. Two inputs: Analog 0-5V and TTL 0-24V, can work directly with PWM signal, no DAC needed.
  3. With dedicated X-CARVE mount
  4. Robust build
  5. Comes with nozzle and docking station as accessories, magnets connection
  6. Driver build in in the laser head
  7. Done with laboratory precision and high performance drivers.

Here is our first version on YouTube (we have several movies with the laser heads):

And second version with accessories:

Full description:

The post which was just created and probably you will be able to find a lot of valuable information about diode lasers:

Mateusz Szymański
CEO at Opt Lasers


If you would like more information, please contact the manufacturer through their email or website.