Latest carve

Any idea what this is worth? Done on an 18" edge glued pine.

About 22hrs to complete


My first car was a 68 Impala (4 door) my second was a 66 Impala rag top 283 with a powerglide. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh the good old day LoL

Looks good! 22 hours…WHAT?!?

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Looks really great, but did it really take 22 hours to carve? You should be able to go faster than that, especially if you do a roughing pass with a bigger bit.

doesn’t even need roughing.
parallel finishing at 1500mm/min
30 minutes tops

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30degree .004 flat engraving bit, 50% stepover (.002) @ 160 ipm.

That is very nice.
Great job…

Any idea on value?

I did this sign for our house and had someone say they wanted one and would pay 100 for it. Depends on where you are located and what the interest in it is. I would not have thought my sign would be worth more than 30-40…but hey, they offered an amount…


I would guess somewhere between $60-80, depending on how elaborate the finish would appear / overall appeal.

Your 22hr carve duration is ineffective and no basis for making a competitive price point :slight_smile:

been so dog gone busy with this christmas rush, machine hasn’t stopped running for the last 2 weeks, can’t complain, right?





VERY nice work.
Where did you get the file for the last one? (log cabin and mountains)

Design and Make

Thank you, i wonder though, how much faster it would be to laser etch some of those items?

But some stuff has been a nightmare to carve and paint lettering


That looks very nice.
what is your process?
I’ve been sealing with minwax poly seal and then painting the letters.
But I still struggle with bleeding.