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LED Strip light supplies

I have seen projects using part of The LED strip lights. They look great! I am curious where you can get the supplies needed to use the rest of the unused strip of lights on other projects.

This forum is an awesome place!

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Here are the LED strips (5 meters of LED’s)

These allow you to connect the strips to the power supply

Here are some cheap power supplies (5 for $13)

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Looks like Allen and I have shopped at the same place :slight_smile:

We just know where to find the best stuff !

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Thanks for the quick response. That is what I need!

If your willing to wait longer ebay has always been good to me to get tons of led stuff for dirt cheap. Just takes 2 or 3 weeks to receive. So when I order I usually order quite a bit.

These controllers are small and work great for RGB.


Aliexpress and bangoood are both exelent sites. I have ordered stuff from both and no issues. Just not as fast on the shipping as Amazon. :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone! This forum has helped me out and gave me some great ideas!

Some of the merchants from Aliexpress are now on Amazon.

Am I correct that after you buy an LED kit and use just a few inches of lighting that you can buy individual power supplies, controllers, connectors, etc, to use the remaining footage of lighting?

Yes, amazon and Ebay are full of options for the power supplies and remotes.

Thanks for the reply. Are they all compatible with each other, recognizing that there differences in volts, amps etc?

I know nothing about electrical stuff…but that said I have bought all different kinds and they all seem to work. You do need to make sure it can handle the needs of the length you are using, but the LEDs don’t use much so that seems to be pretty easy. If you search the forum for LED lights or LED signs you will probably get all the threads people have posted where they included links to various supplies used…its a common topic and the links are all over them.

I notice there are also links above in this topic…

I have followed all the links but have not found quite the answers I’m looking for except for your responses which I think covers it. Not knowing anything about the strip kits I didn’t want to buy a kit and have to throw away all but a few inches of it, if I could buy a different kit that lets me use “aftermarket” power supplies and or controllers etc.

Thanks for your answers and help. It clarifies it greatly.

Great idea! I never knew I had a use for those things. Thanks

IS that tied in to the controller somehow or separate power supply?

I just cut my strips in 10inch sections and solder on 12volt 2pin pigtails to connect to wall plugs. I got about 500 pigtails for 10$ my wall adapters are about 3$ each