Limit switch connection loose?

Continuing the discussion from Limit Switches when manually moving the machine from easel:

Any tips for improving those? I thought my crimping skills were just terrible, but your comment makes me think it’s not just me. They work, but they’re very loose.

I just post about what I think you are asking about here:

I had the same problem. The “L” pins coming off the g-shield are too short. For me this was because the pins provided to be soldered onto the board had the black connector on the wrong side. I didn’t realize I could have moved it around. So, if that’s your situation, you have a few options:

  1. Ask inventables for a replacement g-shield
  2. Pick up one of those green connectors ( maybe inventables could provide these for people with this problem?)
  3. Try resoldering the pins by removing them and flipping them so the longer pins extend from the board.

Once I had the pins in correctly, the black connector with the limit switch wires held on firmly.